How to Earn up to $15000 USD Worth of Ethereum in 6 Weeks

How to Earn up to $15000 USD Worth of Ethereum in 6 Weeks.

The other I posted an investment offer here, some of you registered without funding, some of you criticized and some of you invested. I’m 100% certain that those who invested are smiling right now.

There is a limit to which your savings can get you, but there is no limit to which your investment can get you.

Today, I’m going to introduce you to how you can earn ethereum even as the market for it is rapidly rising. You can earn up to $15000 within 6 weeks.

Forsage is an Ethereum smart contract. A smart contract is a website that runs on the blockchain technology. The FORSAGE income system allows you to earn the Ethereum crytocurrency by referring other people into the system or by investing in the system.

FORSAGE was created in Russia and hosted on the blockchain technology on the  6th  of February 2020. Africans started discovering and engaging the platform in March 2020.

Today currently FORSAGE has members globally. Thousands of members are joining daily from all over the world.


When you join FORSAGE, two programs are opened up to you at the same time for you to earn from. They are namely:

1. FORSAGE X3 program

2. FORSAGE X4 program.

The FORSAGE X3 program has 12 slots for you to earn from.

The FORSAGE X4 program also has 12 slots for you to earn from. You  can  choose to focus  on the  X3  program or focus  on the  X4  program but  I  advise that you focus on the both programs for maximum earning. The choice is yours.

Let us call the X3 program The Marketers Wing. When you  focus on  the  X3 program,  you  are expected  to  refer people  and  earn from  them  and their activities in the system.

And Let us call the X4 program The Investors Wing. When  you focus  on  the X4  program,  you earn  from  the global  activities  and transactions happening in the FORSAGE system even if you don’t refer one single person.

You even earn from the X4 program while you are sleeping. But as the name sounds “Investors Wing” You have to invest and wait for earnings to just show up in your wallet.

Now I’ll be using the word invest as we make progress. What do I mean by invest in FORSAGE? It simply means to buy slots.

Both programs (X3 and X4) have12 slots each. Both in the same order of progression. Below are the 12 slots, their cost, and the current naira equivalent.

Slot 1   = 0.025ETH = N4,000

Slot 2   = 0.05ETH   = N8,000Slot

3   = 0.1ETH     = N16,000Slot

4   = 0.2ETH     = N32,000Slot

5   =0.4ETH     = N64,000Slot

6   = 0.8ETH     = N128,000 Slot

7   = 1.6ETH     = N256,000 Slot

8   = 3.2ETH     = N513,000 Slot

9   = 6.4ETH     = N1,026,000 Slot

10 = 12.8ETH   = N2,052,000 Slot

11 = 25.6ETH   = N3,072,000 Slot

12 = 51.2ETH   = N6,144,000

NOTE: These price equivalencies fluctuate as the global market fluctuates.

The  difference  between the X3  program  and the  X4  program is  in  their structure  and  how they produce income(Ethereum) for you.

Note The Following

1. When you upgrade to a particular slot (that is when you open the slot) it is open for life, you keep earning from it

2. You cannot earn from the downline that has opened up more slots than you. In fact, you will become the down line once your down line overtakes you. You cannot earn from your downlines in slots you have open. So that means overtaking is allowed.  Your downline can overtake you and become your upline if they upgrade faster than you.

3.  FORSAGE  pays directly  to  your wallet where  you do  whatever you  want  with your money. You either withdraw it or keep earning at the level or you invest back into the system to upgrade to further slots and qualify for bigger earnings.

4. Don’t wait to fully understand FORSAGE before coming on board

I am building a team where all team members get to earn Ethereum from the system regardless of the wings you belong to. In my team, I have someone who joins Forsage exactly 5 weeks ago and has earned up to $115,000 USD in Ethereum. That is over 346.95 eth.


Imagine how much you’ll have made once the worth of 1 eth rises to $1000

Join me, Let us make This Money together. Join my team on WhatsApp group here, and I’ll guide you on how to begin.


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