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How to earn upto N5,000 on Metowork

How to earn upto N5,000 on Metowork.   Are you ready to make upto #5,000 on Metowork to your local bank account? If yes, continue reading
How to earn upto N5,000 on Metowork.

Are you ready to make upto #5,000 on Metowork to your local bank account? If yes, continue reading this article.
There’s a new website that you can use to make money online if you are a freelancer, and also for non freelancer through referal.

What’s freelancer?
Freelancer is a person that have one or more skills to sell online in return to make money.
Example: As a Blogger, I don’t base on this only, am also a freelancer. I develop and design different kinds of site for lot’s of bloggers.

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Motto: Customer satisfaction is my concern and all services are at affordable rate.
Back to the reason why we were here, new website has been launched in other to help freelancer boost their skills to make more money online.

Metowork is the newly website that just launched for freelancer to off show their works for them to make money.
But awesome things about this site is that, both freelancer and non freelancer can use it to make money online.
If you know freelancer website like Fiverr, Upwork and others very well, you’ll see that to find real client on those site is a bit difficult for Nigeria people.

That’s the reason why some freelancer in Nigeria use VPN to work on those sites and later on, they can get their account banned because it’s against their policy.

But Metowork didn’t require any VPN to register because it’s Africa website. Can you see that it’s awesome?

How to make money on metowork as freelancer?
You can use your skills and also make quick money through referal.
How non freelancer can make money?

Once you didn’t have any skills to sell online, you can also make money from this site by just referring people.
How much does this site pay per referal?

Each person you refer to the system will earn you #200

In other to make upto #5,000 you must bring up to 25 people which makes the total referred #5,000 which you can withdraw to your local bank account.

How legit is this site?
100%, but you know in Nigeria, the most mistake we are making is that, we’ll be waiting for payment proof… but once the site has casted, that’s when we’ll have chance to join and later calling the site scammer and which is wrong.
Need data subscription?? Check out this article

So which means if you are serious about this, kindly join now. Stop being a person that will be waiting for payment proof all the time.

How to register on Metowork?

a. Use this link to register
Note: use this link to register so that we can both earn together. If not, you won’t be given welcome bonus and your earning will slow.

b. Fill the form and click register
c. Check the mail box to verify your email address

d. After Verification, you’ll see your #200 on the dashboard.

How to refer people?
There are two types of referal system on metowork work, which are: User referal and Proposal referal.
But what you need here is only User referal.
To get your referral link,
a. Click on menu at the left side
b. click the drop down menu on your username. Check image below ?

c. Click My referral to drop down

d. Then click user referral

e. Then you’ll see link, copy it and start referring people.

Note: Don’t try to cheat their system, if not… you won’t be paid or they can even block your account. Check image below ?

How to Withdraw from Metowork?
a. Click settings on Menu
b. Click withdraw

c. If you haven’t add your bank details, Click on “Go to account settings”

After adding that, then finally click Withdraw

That’s it about metowork. More Article are on the way, always stay active. Happy earning


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