How to Get A Job in Nigeria

How to Get A Job in Nigeria
How to Get A Job in Nigeria.

Are you wondering how you can get a job in Nigeria with no connection or experience?

Then here is the deal:

Today I am going to reveal to you step by step process you can follow if you want to get your dream job in Nigeria.

According to this statistic, over 20.9million people are unemployed in Nigeria. And it is not surprising that one of the greatest problems of today’s undergraduates is the fear of not getting a job.

After all, you spent so much time in school studying hard to graduate with at least a second class upper when it seems like most government schools make getting a first-class almost impossible not because no student deserves the merit but it is almost a norm in Nigerian universities to make getting certain grades difficult.

After getting through all that, these same students are left battling with unemployment. The fact that there is a popular notion that there are no jobs doesn’t mean there are no jobs indeed. Some people still get good jobs. For some, we can agree that knowing the right people got them there but in a few instances, we see how those with outstanding results have companies queuing up and offering them a position in their company.

It is, however, obvious, that those are in the minority; the majorities who may not have attained the zenith when it comes to grades but are smart and intelligent are usually the ones at facing the brunt of unemployment.

Admittedly, sometimes, it is because all these graduates can boast of is their certificate; they have no skill or experience, even from internship or volunteering services.

Getting a white-collar job is not to be limited to your school degree; it takes a lot more to secure that executive job. So this article will show you where you may have missed it up and how to correct the error and get the job of your dreams even though the competition is stiff.

Step By Step Process to Get A Job in Nigeria Without Connection:
* Reflect on your skills
* Update your resume regularly
* Plan your career path
* Set your career goals
* Explore and improve your skills
* Prepare your CV
* Prepare for Job Interviews
* Know how to negotiate Salary

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