How to Get a Job Without Experience

Today, i am going to outline some of the proven ways to get a job without experience.

How to Get a Job Without Experience.  Finding a job is not as difficult as people think, in fact, these strategies have helped thousands of young graduate find a job without any experience.

How to Get a Job Without Experience.

Finding a job is not as difficult as people think, in fact, these strategies have helped thousands of young graduate find a job without any experience.

Plus: fresh graduates were able to elevate their career in a short period of time.

Ready to grab my 4 proven strategies that are currently working right now?

Let’s get started:

1. Tailor Your Resume For that Job Role

Tailor Your Resume For that Job Role, Get a Job Without Experience

This isn’t the first time some of you might have heard you should always tailor your resume/cv for every job and oftentimes, you are wondering – is it really necessary?

We are often tempted to skip because it takes time. But trust me, it will make a huge difference in the numbers of companies that will call you back and invite you for interviews.

Your CV speaks volume about you and it is more than just your first point of contact with the hiring manager.

You have no experience then think about the volunteering projects you’ve done or internships etc.

Ask yourself what seem more important in this “job description” is it Leadership? Teamwork? Communication skill? Problem-solving? Once you figure out what’s important, now tailor your resume and highlight what they’re looking for in all of your past experience on your resume.

2. Network With People That Matter in Your Industry

Network With People

There is this saying “Who you know is more important than what you know” because knowledge can be gained, but is useless if no one supports you.

This is how you will meet the people that matter in your industry and you can do that by volunteering, attending industry events that professionals in your chosen field and by joining industry groups on Linkedin, Whatsapp and Telegram.

Ensure you are a highly engaged member and you always conduct yourself in a visible manner.

You can connect with your former classmates and friends who already found jobs and they can tell you when the company they work for is recruiting.

A referral is one of the powerful ways to get into a company. You will be trusted more and you won’t seem like a risk.

In fact, most employees got into a company through referrals. Till date it is one of the fastest ways on how you can get a job without experience.

3. LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is another fast way on how to get a job without experience.

In fact, Many companies post their jobs there.

Linkedin is the largest professional network in the world and every serious job seeker should be on Linkedin.

When you join Linkedin, make sure you add top people in your industry as connections on your Linkedin profile.

Also, add your already established industry friends on Linkedin and follow companies in your industry on Linkedin as well.

Add HR/Recruitment professionals to your Linkedin too and remember to always stay professional on Linkedin.

Use this easy method to apply for jobs on LinkedIn:

This will help you save more time and also allows you apply for many jobs.

4. Follow Up


Follow up is one of the best way to get a job without experience. especially if you are a fresh graduate.

This method has been used often time and the feedback is amazing, if you are a fresh graduate looking for a job with any experience, then ensure you use this strategy.

Track companies you have sent your application to and follow them up in a situation you haven’t heard from them is 6 days.


I hope you enjoyed my guide to How to Get a Job Without Experience.

Now I’d like to hear what you have to say:

Which tip from today’s guide do you want to try first?

Are you going to apply for more jobs?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.


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