How to get approved on upwork freelancer website

Have you been getting it hard to get approved on upwork website? Worry no more, we’ve got you covered again.

How to get approved on upwork freelancer website.    Everything will be explained step by step on how to make approval easy on upwork website.
How to get approved on upwork freelancer website.

Everything will be explained step by step on how to make approval easy on upwork website.

As stated in this article I wrote last two or three weeks, once you have work locally and you’ve did lots of practice and you’ve seen that everything is easy for you to do.

The next thing is to take your freelancing skills to the next level by working internationally.

There are some website that you can work as freelancer so as to earn more bucks in other not to be taking loan all around. (LOL)

We have different kinds of website you can get clients from but there are best two out of this site that you can start working on. They are; Upwork and Fiverr website.

But in this article, we’ll stick to Upwork only because as for me it’s the best site.

The reason why I said is the best site is that,
1. In upwork, you can choose different kinds of skills for just only one profile. But in Fiverr, one gig for one profile.
2. In upwork, you and client can chat directly while Fiverr makes it hard to do that. (Though I don’t know much about Fiverr because is not my bestie).
3. Upwork doesn’t require VPN but you must connect VPN on Fiverr.

Now let’s leave others to next time, let us focus on why we were here.

Upwork has been the best that’s why they gets more freelancers that signed up all the time.

They don’t use approval at the beginning but once they detected that there are some scammer and unserious freelancer signing up, so they have to upgrade their system and invite approval so that they can know who is ready to work or not.

There are some countries that it’s not easy at all to get their approval no matter how you customize your profile, at the end they’ll reject it.

And there are some countries that you can find thousands of jobs on them, one of them is USA.

Upwork USA account got more clients than others and their approval is very easy.

But one of their disadvantages is that, you have to verify your account using your USA ID card (driver license, green card, passport and others).

But as you know that we were not in USA, so we have to find a way that we’ll let us bypass this stage (that’s the most reason why this article was written up).

But let’s stick to approval first, then we’ll talk about verification later in the next article.

But to get approved in time on upwork, we need some materials to get started.

1. USA personal details
2. USA phone number
3. VPN (it’s optional because I don’t use VPN)
4. Email address (either business mail or Gmail account)
Now that we’ve known that, let’s dive in… This process will be step by step.

How to get approved on upwork website?
As I said earlier that we need USA personal details, then let’s see how to get this details
STEP 1_ USA personal details (Name, gender and address)
a. Go to fakenamegenerator

b. Generate the gender type details you need (male or female)
c. Scroll down to check your details, copy or state it down to a note

That’s for step 1.

STEP 2_ PHOTO (must show face very clearly)
The reason why I take this as part of the step is that, upwork won’t allow any pictures which is not clear enough, so we have site where you can get cleaned and professional photos
a. Go to
b. Search for photos of gender type you want to use (male or female)
c. Click on it and download

STEP 3_ USA phone number
a. if you don’t have phone numbers, (I’ve written article about how to get free USA number in Nigeria )last two days using TextNow
b. Copy it or state it down to your note once you got the number.

Once you’ve got all that, now let’s see how to use them one by one to get the upwork approval.

a. Go to upwork website
b. Click on sign up button

c. Add your mail to sign up

d. Add your name and password in the next page
e. On that same page, choose USA as your country
f. Still on same page, two options will be provided either you want to Hire or Work (Choose Work since we were dealing with freelancer)
g. Still on the page, Accept there Terms and Condition
h. Finally, Click create my Account button to proceed to next page

j. Once you are done with that, verification mail will be sent
k. Check your mail and click the link to get verified

1. Once you are done with mail verification, you’ll be redirected to freelancer dashboard. Click continue to set up your upwork profile account

The Profile set up based on 10 which you have to fill everything one after the other

a. The first one is to add the service you offer

and choose four options of the service you are offering,

The next thing is to add your skills (select upto 4 or more skills)

once added, click close button

Then click on next button to set up profile 2.

a. Choose Expert and click on Next button to proceed to profile 3

a. Add your school details, school degree and dates of when you started and ended

See image below

then proceed to next page

a. Add your employment details by providing the following details
1. COMPANY_ you can use your service name
2. LOCATION_ add any USA state
3. TITLE_ the title of service you offer

4. ROLE_ choose Lead
5.STARTING PERIOD_ by adding the date you get started, (choose from 2004 till date for fast approval because this is part of what upwork bot will check to get you approved. Check image below for easy set up
6. ENDED PERIOD_ you can click on I currently work here button
7. DESCRIPTION_ it’s optional ( leave it blank)

Once you are done with that, this is how your profile will look like

then click Next button to proceed.

In this page, you just have to choose your English Proficiency
a. Choose FLUENT option which means you can speak English very well because this is part of what your client will use to hire you.

Once you are done, proceed to next profile

This page will let you add the amount you will taken per hour of your work done. Upwork too will charge small money out of the fee you recieve. E.g Let’s assume you choose USD10 per hour, out of that amount upwork too will charge USD2 and you’ll be given USD8 (that’s where they make their own money too)

NOTE: When it comes to this stage, don’t try to cheat them because it can get your account blocked once they detected that you are recieving your job fee out of your upwork account.

Once you’ve added the hour rate, click next button to proceed.

a. TITLE_ Type the name of the service you offer (e.g WEB DEVELOPER)
b. Job description_ Describe what you have for your customer and the service you offer (you can check the image below

and edit it to yours for fast approval)

NOTE: This overview is very important because this is the part and most to know whether your account will be approved or get rejected. So checck the image above and edit it for the service you are offering.

a. Add the image you download earlier from pixabay and crop it well so as to show the faces very well.

Once you’ve done uploading, if the image is clear enough you’ll be redirected to next page. But if the picture is not clear enough, you’ll see option that you should upload clean image.
b. Click Next button once you are done

This is where you will add the location of where you copy earlier from fakenamegenerator

or just type any letter to get location and fill them for you automatically

once you are done, proceed to last stage.

a. Add the number you got earlier from textnow so as to get your account verified and make it public
b. Check your textnow account for Upwork verification code that will be sent to it

NOTE: Always connect VPN if you want to login to your TextNow account as stated in the last article

c. Once you’ve seen the code, add it to that upwork last page

and click on Next button to proceed

The next page will let you have access to preview your profile before you submit it for approval.

Check to see if there’s no any error

Once done, click on SUBMIT PROFILE button.

Boom… Welcome to upwork where you can start making money by using your skills

Then you’ve successfully create your upwork account, the next thing is to wait for approval which takes at least 24 hours. Always be checking your mail to see if you have been approved or got rejected.

Once you are done with getting approved, we still have some hidden area to touch and spit them out for successful journey.

Our next article will based on how to verify your account and how to submit a successful proposal for clients.

Thanks for reading. incase you got any questions to ask kindly give comments in the section box or join our telegram group for more details. Have a nice day.


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