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How to get free N2,000 from standard chartered

How to get free N2,000 from standard chartered.   Are you ready to receive instant payment from standard chartered? If yes, continue reading.
How to get free N2,000 from standard chartered.

Are you ready to receive instant payment from standard chartered? If yes, continue reading.

Making money online today has never been easier, there are different ways in which people can earn from by doing some little tasks before you’ll be able to withdraw.

Some platform didn’t stress anybody to earn from them, just only registration and some little task. But this type of platform are exist but not many.

Some are legit and while some are not.
But today, I guarantee you that you are going to earn upto #2,000 straight to your local bank as I did. Check screenshot below ? to see payment proof because that’s what you’ll be looking for all around.

Note: this platform we are talking about are not Referral program, just with registration only.

But how this possible in this century to earn easily without referral?

Yes is very easy, with standard chartered, earn on the go without referring.

Standard chartered are the newly bank that just appeared in Nigeria, though we are still doing research on how and where this bank come from.

But due to some little research I’ve made, seems they have branches both Local and International country.

Why are these people dashing out free #2,000?
You know as a business owner, if you want to start your business, for it to blow without wasting time, you’ll have to spend in beginning and earn at the end.

They’re giving people free cash so as to promote their banking and gain more customers.

What did standard chartered bring for their customers?
They are bank exactly like the one you are using now (GT, first bank, access and others).

From standard chartered, you’ll be able to perform all transactions just with your smartphone without stress. Their application is good and unique to get started from.

Which means, without leaving your room, you’ll able to open a real bank account that can be used to receive payment both local and International.

Through this app, you’ll also be able to transfer both local and International with low rate.

As you know that for other Banks in Nigeria, they charged (#52) per transaction, but for standard chartered (as a new bank), you’ll be able to send and receive payment without or with low rate.

That’s just about what standard chartered bring for us. Now let’s get down to reason why we were here.

1st Note: This bank are not Referral program but just for the whole world to see it so that they can read more about this unique bank.

2nd Note: The money that they’re giving their customers is not for everybody, they need only 20,000 people’s to earn the free #2000 so as for them to gain more Customers. So kindly register quickly so as for you to be part of the lucky winners as I am today.

Let’s keep others till next day, let’s see how to earn instant #2000.

This article supposed to have been published since Monday, but as you know that people will be waiting for proof, that’s the reason why i don’t publish it yet, but now that I’ve been paid, let me show you how to earn yours too without much stress.

From standard chartered, am part of lucky people that earn real cash without stress. This bank we are talking about, they only need 20,000 people to give the free #2,000. So if you are part of the lucky winners, then I congratulate you.

Straight to the point…. before we get started, let’s see what you need to register an account.

As I said earlier, standard chartered is a bank like that one you are using, so you supposed to have known what you need to get started, but if no, let me quickly brief it.
1. Your personal details
2. valid Gmail address
3. BVN
4. Your phone with good camera
5. Your phone number (attached to your BVN)
6. Govt ID (National ID, passport or voters card)
7. and other things that you used when opening local bank account you are using.

Now let’s dive….

How to register from standard chartered
a. Download there application from playstore using this link
b. Install and launch
c. Click register (you will see it once you launch the app)

Note: There are some part that I will skip because this application didn’t allow someone to take screenshot in all area.

c. Then you’ll be taken to another page, click “Start application”. see image below ?

d. Insert your BVN

Note: Your account is save, they don’t have anything to do with your BVN, just for them to receive your bank details for registration only. Don’t think maybe they will wire your money.No without OTP, there’s no way your money can wipe away without your notice.

e. Then after adding BVN, OTP will be sent to the number attached to your BVN,

Once seen, insert it and proceed to next page.
f. The next page is where you’ll have to provide your address and next of kin details

g. After that, you’ll be taken to tax information page where you’ll be asked if you are USA citizen or not.
h. Choose NO options for everything, see image below ?

I. Then the next step is to take selfie

Note: Before trying to take selfie, don’t be in the area where everything is dark, instead, you can take the selfie within your compound so as for the camera to detect your face. Because it takes me time to get my face detected until I stepped out of my room.

j. Doing selfie, focus on camera and blink your eyes to snap it.

k. Then after that, Follow the next step.

I’m unable to take screenshot because as I said earlier, this app got area where you can take screenshot.

l. Then after you have registered successfully, wait for there Approval. It didn’t take time, just keep checking your mail

After you have been approved,

it remains to register for online banking.
This step is a must because this is where you’ll be able to see and perform all your transactions.

How to register for online banking?
a. open the app and click login on the right hand side (you’ll see it there because am unable to take screenshot )
b. Click register (because you have not register for online banking)
c. Then you’ll be given 2 options,

either by registering using your Card details or by “Temporary ID and SMS pin.

As for me, I choose Second option which is “Temporary ID and SMS pin. You can choose anyone, is your choice.
If you are choosing second option, then follow this steps….

d. Once you’ve chosen second option, tick the small box to accept there terms and conditions,

then click on “NEXT” button
e. Add your mail and other things. Everything is there and easy to set up.
f. Once you’ve add email, check your mail box to see your login user ID

g. Copy it and paste inside the app, then wait for your PIN (it will be send as SMS and it can take up to 3 minutes), just have patience till you’ll receive it.
h. When you have successfully done that, you’ll be asked to set up your login PIN. (If you are not new to internet banking, you’ll be able to set it up) Just Follow other things, very easy.

After that, login to the internet banking to see what you can do inside.

You know that the reason why we were here is to get #2000, but relax, the cash will be sent automatically.

What you have to do is that, once you have login successfully to your internet banking, just leave the app till second day because the #2,000 won’t reflect immediately. So you’ll have to be patience.

As for me, I registered on Monday, and I was chosen today (Thursday) to receive the free cash which I withdraw to my local bank account.

It might takes up to 2 or 3 days before you’ll be chosen because you are not the only person they’re attending to.

So after your money has reflect, then the next step is to withdraw to your local bank account
This step, you’ll have to follow it as shown in the app because am unable to provide screenshot

How to withdraw your money?
a. Click menu
b. You’ll see “transfer to local bank” option, click on it to transfer
c. Add your bank as new beneficiary
c. Then provide your bank details

and Follow other steps (very easy to withdraw)

Then, the money will be sent to you without delay, it’s instant payment.

That’s how to get free #2,000 from standard chartered Bank.

What is your suggestion about this article? Kindly drop your thought.

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