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How to get paid For Sharing ads on social media

How to get paid For Sharing ads on social media  How would you like to get paid to post ads on social media via bitcoin, perfectmoney, paypal, payeer etc and you can do

How to get paid For Sharing ads on social media

How would you like to get paid to post ads on social media via bitcoin, perfectmoney, paypal, payeer etc and you can do this automatically for free.

This post is not about how to earn money from facebook pages. rather its how to earn money by posting ads without investment.

This means that you can get paid for posting links on facebook. remember, i talked about imacro and how to automate web activities.

Now let me show you how to use imacro to make money online by automating web activities which enables you get paid to post ads on social media.

there are lots of website that will pay you to perform social media activities such as liking instagram post, follow instagram users, comment on instagram post, sharing links on facebook, like facebook page, follow facebook users, watch youtube video, subscribe to youtube channel, like youtube video, like twitter post, follow twitter users,tweet users post, retweet users post and lots more which enable you to earn money by posting ads without investment.

you see, there are lots of companies, internet users that wants their social media activities to go viral and get engagements.

This is why they want other internet users to help them do this and the best way they could do this is to make use of a social signal site that gives points to people who perform these tasks and in return , you can use the points to request for same thing too if you want to go viral or want to increase your social media followers.

but only few of this website will pay you to do this. most of the site such as,, followlike, ytmoster, etc  only gives you points but no cash reward.

So due to this, i had to search online and found a site that will pay you to do all this and the beauty of this is that the site pays you either with Bitcoin, Perfectmoney, paypal etc.

So you don’t have any excuse not to earn from this site while it last because you can use any other payment options available such as bitcoin or perfect money since some internet don’t have paypal account.

the site has so many activities you can perform to earn money, you can promote link and earn money , you get paid for posting links on facebook, you get paid to like Instagram photos, you get paid to watch youtube videos and lots more other task. so doing all this manually will be time consuming.

This is why i have taken my time to create a script to automate the activities while you just sit and relax and the automation is made possible with the help of Imacro addon for firefox. so if you have not downloaded Imacro addon for firefox, then do that via link below.

i explained how to install imacro addon for firefox and also added a video tutorial in setting it up. so do yourself the favour of downloading imacro for firefox to save you the stress of performing all the social media task manually. that being said, today i want to share with you on get paid to post ads on social media and perform other task

 how does get paid to post ads on social media works

like i had said, you will get paid for posting ads on social media. you can also perform other task to earn more because some task has high earnings. the way it works is to use the social media account you have to perform the task on the site.

You will be given points for perfoRming the tasks and in return you can cash out in real money based on the number of points you have generated.

So if you don’t have an Instagram account, twitter, youtube, facebook etc, i will recommend you create one so that you can use it to perform social media tasks because the more account you have, the more chances of earning points.

You may want to use your old account for the main time but i will recommend creating new one’s since the purpose of the account will be for performing social media task to make money posting ads for companies and other task.

companies and internet users makes use of the site to generate social media engagements.this is where your activities is needed.

how to earn money by posting ads without investment

Step 1: Visit link below to register

Step 2: after creating an account, Login and start performing social media task.

like i had said, to make this less stressful for you so that you won’t have to do it manually. you will need a software to automate the task and i have shared the one i am currently using on this blog which you can download via Imacro Addon For Firefox download. its called imacro addon for firefox.

after downloading the software, you will also need to download this script below. i have created a youtube view script which you just need to run using imacro and it will automate the YouTube view process for you so you can earn without stress. note that this script should be used for YouTube Play option on the site.

so after downloading the script, copy and past it into the macro folder in your document. this should be inside folder path Imacro=>Macros

then launch the firefox imacro . you will see the script. just select the script and set the loop number and run it. allow it to do its thing automatically.

i also added a video on how to run the script in the zip file.

They have lots of social media task you can perform, not just the earn money by sharing links on facebook. so download the script and watch the video to see how it works live.

Will keep sharing more script for the other tasks so you can earn more. so don’t forget to subscribe to this blog so you won’t miss my update when published


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