How to Improve your Financial Status as a Student

How to Improve your Financial Status as a Student
How to Improve your Financial Status as a Student.

Start up a business using your skills – Businesses and individuals always have a need for some form of service and each of us have skills and talents aside our full-time job. For example, if you are good at maths, you could start up a tutorial class for students as parents are willing to pay for these services when they see them. Do you like to write? Then why not start guest- blogging for a fee? If you write to to 10 articles week, you could earn that extra pay.

Own a business – Many Nigerians augument their income by owning businesses and operating them at home or in shops. Nothing stops you from doing this too. Many earn so much from this that they face the business full-time.

Be a virtual assistant – Virtual assistants are people employed to work remotely from home or from any location that is not your typical office space. All you need is a Laptop, internet and telephone. It is increasingly getting popular as a means of income, especially for stay at home moms.

Buying and selling – This involves petty trading of consumer goods. It still works for many people till now as it has lasted over the years. It is very advisable to start with goods you are accustomed to. It could be dresses, jewelries, smartphones, tablets etc. Your first customers would probably be your colleagues at work and friends.

Work on weekends or on off days – If you have the strength to work an extra day or two, you should pick up jobs in places where weekend jobs are needed and work for a few extra hours. Jobs that come to mind include ushering at clubs, working at restaurants and bars etc.

Start an online business – Online businesses make money through advertisements on the websites, commissions or selling of a product or service.

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