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How To Make $10 daily Using your Phone

How To Make $10 daily Using your Phone.   The possibility of making money online with a smartphone is called an app jobber. All you need is a smartphone
How To Make $10 daily Using your Phone.

The possibility of making money online with a smartphone is called an app jobber. All you need is a smartphone and the app. As a rule, the app is offered free of charge and can be downloaded from the AppStore. The principle behind this is called microjobbing.

Earn money online

The following guide not only informs you about the possibilities of earning money with Appjobber, but also about all important facts about the topic.

What is appjobber exactly?

Appjobber is a way of making money online with your smartphone. No special knowledge is required for this. The basic requirement is a smartphone with which there is Internet access, the free app from the AppStore and the willingness to earn money with Appjobber Online.

What are the tasks of app job?

The app jobber is a variety of tasks. It is only important that they are done digitally and the results are also passed on digitally. The tasks are usually done in a few minutes, but there are also tasks that are more time-consuming.

Task examples :

Fill in surveys

Pictures described

Categorize images

Transcribe audio

Spelling mistakes corrections

Product descriptions

Brief descriptions

Visit and describe links

Record opening times

Fill in location-based addresses

Create photos


How does appjobber work?

The basic requirement for app jobbers is a smartphone with an Android function or an iPhone. You can also use a tablet with an Android function. In the AppStore is the Appjobber app, which you can download for free.

After the app is completely installed, you have to switch your implement off and on. This completes the configurations.

Then it’s time to register. Before you can view customer orders and apply, you must first register. To do this, a few personal details must be provided. With the help of an email and a password, the registration is completed within a few minutes. Then you can start right away.

The minimum age

In order to earn money with Appjobber Online, you must be at least 18 years old.

The appjobber card

As soon as your registration is completed, the jobs will be displayed on the appjobber card. Here you can see which jobs are available in your area. There are some jobs that involve you checking a cardboard display or watching the traffic at an intersection.

You should only select these jobs if you really live nearby and do not need hours to get there.

You can find detailed information on the individual jobs when you click on the job. Basically, a minimum input of one euro is required for a job. So you can earn a euro for an easy job. Jobs that are more complex are also better paid. However, these are also very popular.

So that you can start, simply click on the “Start job” button. This job is then reserved for you for three hours. During the three hours, nobody can take the job away from you and you can do the job.

How does the customer know that the job is done?

Of course, many customers require proof that the job is done. As a rule, a picture of the completed job is sufficient. This picture is simply uploaded and the customer can look at it in peace. The customer can take up to four weeks to check that the job is done.

The credit

After the customer has checked the order and is satisfied with it, the remuneration is due. You also have your own customer account. Any remuneration for the orders will be credited to your account. As soon as you have collected a good income, you can click the “payout button”. You will receive the receipt by email and the credit will be transferred to your account. This usually takes around three to five working days.

The opportunities to earn more

At Appjobber you have the opportunity to earn a little extra income. That largely depends on the order situation and your commitment. In larger cities, earnings are usually higher than if you live in a small town. So you can earn better with Appjobber if you live in the city.

An advantage with appjobber is that you don’t need any experience. You can get started as soon as you have registered. Of course, you have the opportunity to get more orders for a well-filled profile.

The account deletion

If at some point you are no longer interested in making money online, you can delete your account at any time. There are no notice periods or the like. Any ambiguities or credits that are still to be paid can be cleared via email.

Are appjobber income taxable?

Legislation varies widely across countries. To get a clear answer, you should contact a tax advisor.

Advantages and disadvantages of appjobber

Advantages :

Earn money free of charge

Knowledge of online marketing is not necessary

can be done on the side


Disadvantages :

only from 18 years

little income possible


So as you can see, making money online is not the best way to generate big income. But if you want to earn a little something on the side, this is a very simple option for which you don’t need any additional knowledge.


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