How to make cash from prizerebel

Are you not contented about inboxdollars? Then let’s learn how to make cool cash from prizerebel which is alternative, it might be helpful.

How to make cash from prizerebel.   As everyone knows today that the most earning program nowadays are survey stuff. There are some lot’s
How to make cash from prizerebel.

As everyone knows today that the most earning program nowadays are survey stuff. There are some lot’s of website that have launched survey program, but most of them are time wasters.

Nowadays, the most program that pays most, survey is part of them. And is the one that it’s reigning and blasting right now.

Except if we want to make an investment in other to earn from other sites.

Do you know that not all website are revealed? There are some sites that is not popular and people are really cashing out from them.

I’ve been into lots of site and I’ve known which one is legit or not, that’s why I want to introduce to you about this site too.

Yesterday I wrote about inboxdollars, but today we are going to make a review on this site alternative.

It’s from quora someone post about this site and people are really testifying to it. As a blogger, I had to check it out to see if it’s real or not before spreading the news all around.

But during research and getting some reviews on different website, this site is legit like that of inboxdollars too.

Prizerebel is the alternative, there program is like that of inboxdollars but the difference between them is that, You’ll earn straight Cash if it was inboxdollars but in prizerebel, you will earn points and which you can later convert to cash if you are about to cash out.

Inboxdollars minimum cash out is $30, but in prizerebel, you can cash out small money starting from $5 which you’ll be able to withdraw using PayPal.

But you have to reach certain points before you can get this. This is how the points count.

500 points will make you $5, while 1000 points make you $10 and so on.

You’ll be given 10 points once you signed up and extra 5 points for completing profile survey.

What I like about prizerebel is that, there survey is everyday but you must be able to answer accordingly, if not, you’ll be disqualified.

Prizerebel too have TV option where you can watch videos to earn, but they’re facing issue (maybe they’ll try to fix that). The option left behind is only survey and it comes every time (not like yougov that didn’t send survey).

You don’t need a fee to get started on prizerebel, but as you know that we always get restricted in this type of website.

But with VPN, you are good to go. Let’s make it done in other not to waste our precious time.

Note:- I won’t be able to provide much screenshots because my phone is having connecting VPN issue, so it’s PC I used to sign up which I didn’t take lot of screenshot.

How to get started on prizerebel
1. Connect your VPN to USA
2. Then use this link to get started (you’ll be given extra points for using my referral link)
3. Go to fakenamegenerator to generate fake USA details
4. Use the details to register
5. Confirm your email address and you’ll be redirected to your dashboard where you’ll be able to answer survey.

From there, you’ll see lot’s of things (just check them out once registered).

How to make money from prizerebel
a. Answer survey as many as you can (some of them takes 5 minutes to complete)
b. You’ll earn points once you’ve answered successfully
c. You can also refer in other to boost your earning. To copy your referral link,

i.  click menu
ii. click invite>>>> Earn with referral, then you’ll see your link (copy it and share to anyone for them to sign up).

For each person you refer, you’ll earn 15% of their earning (can you see that’s cool).

You can also win Amazon card instead of converting your points to cash (it’s your choice).

How to withdraw from prizerebel
Once you have reached the certain points, then it’s time to withdraw. In other to do this….

a. Click menu and click on Reward
b. Then you’ll see options to convert your points to anything you like.

Boom you’ve successfully make cash from prizerebel.

Is this article helpful? Kindly let’s know if you still need more assistance on this.

Stay tuned for more information, Thanks for your time. Happy earning!


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