How To Make Homemade Ice Cream At Home Using Only 2 Ingredients

Good day everyone, happy new week to you and your families. Today I will be teaching us how to make homemade ice cream ? at home using only 2 ingredients with matching diagrams, is that not amazing!

As parents we all know that children love taking ice cream ? and other snacks, this things can be made at home. I am on a mission to teach people how to make homemade items using few ingredients, because homemade things are more hygienic when made at home. Buying quality ice cream ? in Nigeria is costly and it is taken occasionally. But today I will be teaching us how to make it in such a way that you can take it anytime or any day.

Taking ice cream ? frequently or too much is not good for one’s health. Moderation is a very important factor in life, I believe in moderation. So take sugary things in such a way that it won’t be a problem for your health.


1). One pack of whipping cream

2). One can of sweetened condensed milk

Equipments needed in preparing it are;

• Electric hand mixer

• Bowl for mixing

• Plastic container for preserving the ice cream ?

Procedures are;

✓. Pour your whipping cream into a bowl and use your electric hand mixer to whip it till it becomes thick.

Pour into a bowl ?

Use your electric hand mixer to whip it ?

✓. Add your sweetened condensed milk to the already whipped cream and mix it together.

Add sweetened condensed milk ?

Mix together like this ?

✓. Transfer your ice cream into a shallow container and freeze for 6 hours.

After 6 hours our home made ice cream ? will become like this ?

You can serve your homemade ice cream ? with any type of snack.

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