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How To make Huge money on Instagram 2020

How To make Huge money on Instagram 2020.   There are various ways to making a lot of money on Instagram. The Instagram platform
How To make Huge money on Instagram 2020.

There are various ways to making a lot of money on Instagram. The Instagram platform in social media holds an enormous amount of opportunities when it comes to digital marketing through their ads and tools.

Instagram is proving that they’re a must-have in any digital marketing and social media strategy.

In order to make money on Instagram, you need one of these two things:

Account with a lot of followers (50 000+)

Multiple (more = better) Instagram accounts.


Big accounts, with 50 000 or more followers can easily send sponsored posts. If you have one, all you have to do is contact vendors and offer them your services. How much you’ll get per post depends on your followers count but also on engagement rate and demographics of your audience. Price can vary anywhere from $10 – $1000 per post or even more, depending how many followers you have. Sky is the limit, to be honest.

Aside from selling posts, you can also sell your link (place in bio). This is something a lot of advertisers would be interested in assuming your account is big and good enough. This is good option since you can charge them a lot and on a monthly basis so you’ll have steady income.


With multiple Instagram accounts, for example 10, you have small Instagram empire. You can use these accounts to promote various affiliate offers and earn commissions from each sale.

How do I make money on Instagram with less than 100k followers?

First, look inside yourself at your branding and consider if your followers are genuine and engaged. If you’ve bought them, perhaps they’re not. If you haven’t then that will be gtreat.

Secondly, if you have that money followers and nobody has approached you, then there’s another reason for it. Either you’re in the wrong niche, or you’re not catching the right attention, or people are overlooking you.

Thirdly, spend a bit of time considering your branding and niche. What are you selling? What is your ideal customer? How would IG help you in that? If you have followed the IG trend to think you can just get followers then get rich, understand that is only about a niche. Your niche may not be worth it, sadly.

What options have you?

  1. sell your account – if your name and followers is worth something
  2. find sponsorship, become an influencer or brand ambassador
  3. Find an agency to help you – google influencer marketing on instagram etc.
  4. Paid shoutouts

Look for PR companies in your city or country. Look for agencies looking for influencers.

How you can use your Instagram account to boost your sales and increase your income

First, make your Instagram profile shoppable and allow customers to buy your products with a single click. By starting an Instagram Shop you can spare your customers the trouble of leaving the app and browsing through different categories on your website in an attempt to find the product they saw on your Instagram profile and wanted to buy. Instead, a clickable link will be added to each product photo, leading directly to the product page where customers can buy instantly.

Make your profile shoppable in three easy steps:

  1. Curate customer photos using its advanced search functions, since user product picturess are preferred over professional photos by 77% of shoppers
  2. Moderate photos securing rights over the user-generated photos
  3. Tag photos adding info and price, which will automatically make them shoppable

Once your shoppable profile is all set, you can reach a larger audience by using Yotpo’s Ads for Instagram: a cool feature that will include user-generated content in your sponsored ads, getting 4 times more traffic and cutting the ad’s acquisition costs in half.

More Ways To Earn On Instagram

Do paid shoutouts – someone pays you a certain amount so you can make a post, for them on your page. That way their following will grow and you will make money.

The second possibility is to get into affiliate marketing, again, what is your instagram about? Check out ClickBank and find something that fits to your following. Sell products from Clickbank and earn commissions.

Can I make money off Instagram without being verified?

This is another question that people ask a lot. You can. Gain 7–10 000 engaged followers and sell something. Find a business accounts fewer than 500 followers and send them offer to manage their profile. You will be making a lot of money a month from doing this. There are a thousand possibilities. Remember you’ve got issues and they got them too.

How do you make money on instagram without selling products?

There are many things to do with Instagram that can help you earn more money than selling products on Instagram. Some of which include:

  1. Instagram Influencer- To become an Instagram Influencer, you have to gain large number of followers by posting content regularly and other effective ways, after gaining good amount of followers, brands will approach you to advertise their products on your profile and pay you a good amount
  2. Affiliate marketing- Affiliate marketing is a process of promoting other peoples goods and services and each time you get them a sale or conversion, you earn a commission.
  3. Sell Instagram accounts- You can create an Instagram account and post valuable content on profile, gain a good audience and sell the account. Websites like social tradia helps you to sell Instagram accounts and you can earn money.

How can I make $1,000 a week from Instagram?

You can make $1000 per week on Instagram but it will require some work but won’t be overwhelming as long as you put in the effort and work smart.

Here are some requirements you should meet first before considering to make $1000 a week on Instagram:

  1. have at least 10k followers
  2. active engagement on your account
  3. make sure you post daily and have at least 9 posts
  4. already have something to promote to make you money on Instagram

If you have met these requirements, you are already close to be making $1000 per week on Instagram. Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Promote a product on your page
  2. You want to include your product or website in the following areas:
  3. Instagram bio
  4. 20% of your Instagram posts
  5. Instagram story (once a week)

Having your product on Instagram on a consistent basis will equal more money for you to make based on the amount of followers you have. Once you have your product set up then here is the next step to follow:

Promote your Instagram

Here are some ways to promote your Instagram:

  1. shoutouts
  2. Instagram pods
  3. outside of Instagram (YouTube, your website, etc.)
  4. much much more

It is important that once you have your product set up, the only goal for you is to increase your following on Instagram to make more money.

Learn the Instagram algorithm (yes YouTube videos do help for you to learn this), and then focus on promoting your page within and without Instagram.

Use Instagram shoutouts, pods, and then focus on promoting on places outside of Instagram.

Once you are completing these steps, you will steadily increase your revenue on Instagram throughout time and will reach $1000 per week soon.


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