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How to Make money by watching videos online

Make money by watching videos online
How to Make money by watching videos online.

What’s up people, today I’ll be sharing with you one of my little tricks to make money online simply by watching videos. You can earn up to $3 per video, keep reading to learn more.

But before that I hope you realise it will not make you become an overnight millionaire, it will only give you some extra income.

Ok guys I will be sharing with you two websites that will pay you real cash only by watching videos and the first one is:-

Rewardable:- in this website there are multiple ways to make money online examples are like taking surveys, watching videos which is my favourite and you can also give your feedback on different products.

but we are yet to discuss the most important one making money through watching videos, all you have to do is click on the website then register with your name, your email address and also most importantly your PayPal account.

if you don’t have a PayPal account go to play store and download one, register for free then connect your PayPal to

When you’re done with the registration just click on the videos and start watching,

You can get paid $3 for 3 minutes video or $2 for 2 minutes video or $1 for a minute video the choice is yours.

So let’s go over to the second website which is

Coinbase:- this is a cryptocurrency site but we are not here to buy or sell any cryptocurrency, all we get to do is watch videos through

All you have to do is log into then register, after you have finished registering, at the top centre of the page click on (earn crypto), when you click on earn crypto it will take you to another page where you will be asked to enter a course for free, but the fun fact is that they will actually pay you to learn about the cryptocurrency, and they pay up to $100 per video.

You can try any of these websites from the comfort of your home office or anywhere.

So guys if you find this information helpful please leave your comments and a like.



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