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How To Make Money From Creating Text Animation Videos Using Your Phone

How To Make Money From Creating Text Animation Videos Using Your Phone

In this article I will teach you how to make money from creating text animation video.

How do I?

#Teach people.

#Do it as a skill.

1.Teach people:

The first is to try as much as possible to teach people. The teaching at first should be free because it will enable you get audience before going into the advance teaching where you ask them to pay. You could create a WhatsApp group, where you teach people.

So what you’ll do is, try to make sure your class is well structured, short and precised.

Make sure you always design something captivating, professional and nice.

There are 3 ways you can get customers, which are;

1.Talk to a WhatsApp TV(hope everyone knows what WhatsApp TV is ?) Tell them to do an advert for you in exchange for your skill… Tell them you’d do a nice animation for their TV, then show them a very good example of your skill.

2.Talk to a business owner you know that has an online presence, do the skill for them free, their customers will ask who did it for them and you tell them to refer the person to you.

You can the tell the business owner that you can help him or her to design something nice to promote his or her business. If the person ask you to do it for him or her for free, do it. When other people see it on his or her status, I know he or she will direct them to you, then you get your money.

3. Go professionally:

The last one talks about going professionally. We have many people that’s into graphics and animation, so try to make sure you always design something good, put it on your status and you get paid for teaching those that wants to know it.

2.The second one is, do it as a skill.

You will agree with me that, some banks, government agencies and multinational companies are paying and employing people to do these, to promote their product services and organization.

So design something nice and tell someone that has a WhatsApp TV to help you put it on his/her status, from there you can get people to patronize you.

It is your work that will definitely promote you.

I believe this article is of benefit to you. Whatever questions you want to ask me, please feel free to drop them in the comment section below, and I will attend to them.

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