How to Make Money from Nairatwt using your Twitter account

Do you have Twitter account but you haven’t been earning from it yet? Kindly read on, we’ll show you how to earn from it with/without investment.

How to Make Money from Nairatwt using your Twitter account.   It’s been long time I posted about earning stuff, this time around I’ve come across
How to Make Money from Nairatwt using your Twitter account.

It’s been long time I posted about earning stuff, this time around I’ve come across another way on how to use your Twitter account to earn.

Last year, I posted about how to use all your social media to earn which is legit but seems the earning potential is very low.

That’s the reason why I have to make research on how to earn huge money with little or without investment.

All earning program nowadays has based on investment and which is very risky when it comes to online earning (that’s called Ponzi scheme).

Some people have earned on some program through this method and which they successful.

And while some people try to copy but at last, the earning site break down completely even without refund of what they use to invest.

Out of people that joined, 80% of them are student which they use their school fees to set things right thinking that it will work out for them and later on… they lose all what they get.

Online investment is very rare because the risky level is 50/50.

So that’s the reason why I didn’t bother myself to write anything about investing because is very risky.
Or what’s the essence of spending without gaining?

But there’s another way to earn now without much investment using your Twitter account.

The reason I’m writing this article is that, this site has free trial and which will let you know maybe you should invest on it or not.

Nairatwt is the Nigeria based online earning program that let’s you earn using your Twitter account with the minimum of 200+ followers.

Nairatwt let’s you earn once you are ready to tweet their advert on your Twitter timeline.

This site was launched on January, it’s still working and even paying till now.

They have different kinds of plan including the free trial mode (that’s what I’m using currently).

How are they working?
Nairatwt will pay you based on the plan you are using, you’ll earn #100 each day on free plan when you post their advert on your Twitter timeline.

You’ll earn higher if you choose the best plan.
They’ll let you tweet 3 Ads per day so that it won’t turn to spamming on Twitter account which can cause your account to get terminated.

No matter on plan you are, the only ads you will tweet per day is 3, but you earn high based on the type of plan you subscribed to.

I think that’s enough for explanation, now let’s see the requirements needed to open Nairatwt account.

_ Twitter account with 200+ followers
_ Bank details

Nairatwt didn’t have referral program, you can refer your friend and families but you won’t get any commission for doing so.

How to open Nairatwt account
The account opening is very easy and straight forward… but let’s quickly check it out.!

a. Go to Nairatwt website and register using your personal details (including your bank account details that you will use for cash out.

b. You’ll be asked to choose the plan of your choice, just click on Activate free trial button if you are not ready to subscribe.

DISCLAIMERWinnaijablog is not responsible for any loss of money you make on this website, just think before joining. Our own is to provide website that pay people.

If you surely want to subscribe on this site, kindly do now before they get crash.

You’ll be redirected to your dashboard where you have to copy your Ads link.

3 tweet links will be given with 3 boxes where you have to paste each link for earning confirmation after sharing it to your timeline.

Now that you are done with that, it’s time to make money…

How to earn from your Nairatwt account
a. Copy each Ads link and paste it to your Twitter timeline (that will be 3 tweets)

NOTEIs better to post in the morning and afternoon so that you won’t have to paste all the 3 Ads link at once on Twitter so as to not get your account terminated. I thought you understand?

b. once you paste each link on each timeline,

kindly click on Share button

so as to copy the tweet link to your Nairatwt account dashboard for confirmation.

NOTEDon’t try to cheat them if not, you are playing with your account be that.

c. Once you paste each link on each boxes on your Nairatwt account,

 then wait for some hours so as for them to verify your earning for that day.
d. Repeat the same steps everyday till payment day which is every Monday.

So that’s it for Nairatwt website, do you have any questions related on this? Kindly drop your thoughts in the comments section box.

You can contact Nairatwt directly using their phone number or email for any enquiry. Check the screenshot for number and their mail

For more information, kindly join us on telegram.

Have A great day!!!


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