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How to make money online as internet users

How to make money online as internet users.   Are you internet users but not making money online? If yes, sit back and relax to see how to make money online
How to make money online as internet users.

Are you internet users but not making money online? If yes, sit back and relax to see how to make money online as internet users.

I’ve made lot of research on how people can make money online using their phone without leaving there room. You think is this possible?, Why not, do you know how much I’ve made since I’ve become internet lovers.

I’ve studied lot’s of people, they’ll use their money to buy data and still, they won’t make reasonable thing with that data they purchase. Some folks can watch a year film in just a week.

Even some people have watched films to the extent that, if you asked them anything about it, they’ll quickly respond to what the actors or actress have performed.

Infact, some are buying data to do unnecessary stuff online and if you ask them that how much you’ve made, their answer will just be that, I’m buying data only for fun! Can you imagine?

No matter type of human being you are, if you are not making money with your phone, then you’ll surely need deliverance.

And that’s the reason why we are here to do deliverance for people like you.

What people don’t know is that, the company that you are buying their products, they’re just using us to make their own money. They don’t love us at all than for them to use us and make their own money.

That’s the reason why you’ll be seeing them introduce lot’s of different offers for their customers especially seasonal time.

People too will start rushing thinking that they’re helping them, but which they just want to sell their own products.

This is part of reason why I did research on how you people can make money online without wasting your data all the time. Sit back and relax to see quick and different ways to make money online.

1. Become a blogger
Do you know that you can make lots of money if you are a blogger but with hard working. There are lots of companies that offer publishers to let them make money with their blog. Apart from that, you too can build website and start selling the products you own. So if you want to become a blogger, See how to build your own website for free.

2. Survey (Question and answers)
Do you like giving answers to questions asked by anybody? If yes, do you know that you can start making money by doing such a thing. Do you think is impossible? In this century, there is nothing impossible, you can make money online by giving answers on some website.

There are lots of website that offer people to make money by giving them the right answer on given Questions. I’ve made lots of money from survey in the past before I become a blogger. Not to waste time, Sign up here on legit survey website that you can make money by doing simple survey.

3. Web search
If you are research lovers that like making research using different lots of website, then you too can make money. Let’s assume someone Search something on Google, then that person too can make little bucks. But before the person can get paid, there is website he/she can sign up where they’ll pay for doing such task. is the website that let’s people make money by doing web search only. You too can sign up on this website but is not for Africa people. If you are from America or Europe, you can sign up on the site. But if you are about to sign up and there system is telling you that is not available in your country, then you can use VPN to bypass this and continue signing up.

4. Web and apps review
There are different sites and app developer that wants people to test and review their sites or apps so that they’ll know which area they will provide update for their users. They even want to know how their app is performing, so they will pay anybody that give them feedback on their products.

There are different website that you can use to sign up, but I’ve made research on best site out of others. is best website where you can get paid by reviewing and giving feedback to other people products. You can sign up and start making money by giving testing others products.

5. Freelancer
Do you have one or two skills? Then you can start making money with it by providing the services for people that needs them. If you don’t know what freelancer is, let me quickly break the boredom.

Freelancer is someone that have one or two skills, with this skills, you can start doing job for others and making your own money.

Example: Let’s assume I know how to Design and build a website, I can look for people that want this but didn’t know how to do it. Then from there, I will help them build and Design the site, then I’ll bill them when am done.

But to sell your skills online in easy ways, there are different website that you can get client from.

Upwork, and Fiverr are the best when it comes to selling of skills to people. You can you can sign up here on Fiverr if you have skills that you too can sell online so as to get cool cash.

But if you don’t have any skills, then do research on Google and look for skills that you like, then start learning it by watching the videos on YouTube.

6. Photo selling
There are people that love taking selfie, some people can snap themselves 1000 per day, especially ladies. If you are photos lovers but you are not making money with it, then you can check this article on how to sell your photos you owned to different kinds of website.

7. Become online teacher
Do you know that you can start making money by teaching other people what you know? If you are internet users, you will have been hearing of udemy that sells different courses to people that needs them.

If you are best in teaching others what you know about, you can use different ways to gather people, tell them what you have for them and start selling it. Let me quickly brief on how to get more people.

a. Using social media: if you have any skills that you want to teach people online, then you can use your social media, either by creating a group, tell them what you will teach them, if they’re interested, then start selling what you got by taking small bucks from each people.
b. Using online website: There are different website where you can teach people on what you know. But the best website to teach people is Udemy.

You can make videos and post it to this website with your price, then if people are interested in it, they’ll start buying and you’ll start making money from their.
c. Using PDF to sell: This has almost be the fast ways, you can write all what you got as PDF and start selling it for people that needs them. There are different apps that you can use to make PDF file.

This is all genuine research I’ve made on how to make money online, I’ll be updating this article as times goes on. So stay tuned for next update.

If you are a blogger that want to make money online using your website, then is your turn. Wait for my next Article on different ways to make money with your website.

NOTE:- Don’t just read this article and leave, out of the 7 ways I listed above, at least start taking impact on any of your choice, that’s the reason why hayzweb is online to show others people many ways on how to get things done on their own.

I want to see testimony Comment if this article and website has helped you or not. Let’s be our own boss and stop decieving ourselves.

Is this article well cleared? Kindly drop your thought if you have any questions to ask. Or join our Telegram group for more information. Thanks for reading, see you next time.


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