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How To Make Money Online Viewing Ignite Survey

How To Make Money Online Viewing Ignite Survey
How To Make Money Online Viewing Ignite Survey.

If you’re families with survey platform then this platform shouldn’t be new you for you’ll know and obtain to understand how you’ll earn or make money online view platform like ignite survey using either there websites or app but this platform make use of app called ignite app which will be found on platform unlike other survey platform like mobiworkx survey.

Ignite survey is simply a survey platform unlike voice of Africa survey if you recognize about it before that provide survey for Nigeria and make them earn money by doing such this new platform we are pertaining to you is said too but it’s won’t be something new some people we just pick to form a piece of writing thereon to tell some people..

What Is Ignite Survey?

Ignite survey it’s a platform that gives it’s users survey referred to as to answer questions and obtain paid using their app ignite app to supply the surveys mostly for Nigerians. In simple ignite provide survey and survey implies to answer questions and obtain paid..

Follow the steps below to hitch the survey and begin money which is implied to point to the survey app.
How To Join Ignite Survey

To join the survey you’ll got to download the ignite app which you’ll get from here.
Some of your info are going to be requested, which entails your full names and a few other related info.
You will need a legitimate email and telephone number that you simply will use to very your account.
Referral code if possible use this IG2186 as your referral or invite code.

How To Register Ignite Survey

Once you download the app from the play store. Open it.
Go ahead and click on on register rather than log-in.
Provide the data they request for to register which the primary steps entails your email, password, and referral code.

Your referral code is IG2186 plow ahead and supply it.
Then very your account view the mail sent to your and final page.
To fill in some form before you’ll gain access to the survey app.
Once you finish the registration you’ll need to log-in through the app and begin taking your survey.
Some surveys you’re taking earn you 10 to 50 points which may later be redeemed for airtime or cash respectively.

How To Withdraw From Ignite Survey

You will need to get some points on the ignite app or survey before you’ll plow ahead to withdraw which you’ll earn from talking surveys or invite your friends together with your invitation code and earn points.

Each survey you’re taking can earn you upto 50 points and once you accumulate any point it are often redeemed to cash and 1000 points are often redeemed to airtime respectively.

To redeem or withdraw your point to cash or airtime you’ve got to open the app.

And slide to the rewards section and click on on the button redeem point.

Which you’ll be asked either in airtime withdraw or mobile money.Withdraw on ignite survey
Withdraw on ignite survey
Mobile money simply misses cash which you’ll get once you earn upto 1000 points from the ignite app. Respectively.
Earn on ignite app
Earn on ignite app

How To Get Your Referral Code On Ignite App

We made mention of you getting a gift for referral right so it’ll be better to urge your referral code and use it to referral your friends and obtain reward.

Then click on the button refer friends which you’ll be asked to share your code together with your friends on social media listed on your phone.

Share with any of your friend on any social media and obtain to understand your referral code which is during this form IG2186

Ignite invitation code

What are your thoughts about this survey app?

Let us know and stay tuned for more related posts in future.

Which a person you referral to the platform earns you 10 points.

Ignite invitation code

Open the app and click on on the reward section to locate your ignite referral code.


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