How to make money through storage of agricultural products

How to make money through storage of agricultural products

Agriculture has been given so much attention in this administration. This is in order to create both earned/active income and also passive income so as to bring reduction in poverty. You can position yourself in order to make lots of profit from agriculture.

Howbeit, along the agricultural value chain which stem from farming to consumption, profit can as well be made. However, for the purposes of the article, I will consider storage of agricultural grains.

Grains are by chance the best products to store. The types of agricultural grains one can store and make lots of profit include; bambara nuts, rice, mellon (Egusi), prosopis africana.

This products to the best of my knowledge are the best for storage and making profits from. You buy them when it is in abundance and sell when they are scarce.

You may ask, when is the best time to buy such products. The best time is during harvest which starts from November to December. During this time, the farmers are harvesting and the products are in much quantities and also cheap. Also, during this period everyone is preparing for the festivity of Christmas and as such most farmers tend to sell their products at cheaper prices so as to buy food, clothes and drinks for the Christmas celebration.

You can buy your desired products that you want to store on the last market day before Christmas or go to the farms and buy from the farmer at cheaper price. You buy, store them and sell during rainy season when the commodity is no longer available in large quantities in the market.

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