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How To Make Money Using Google In 2020

How To Make Money Using Google In 2020.   AdSense program is an online advertising program that is run by Google. AdSense program works by serving

How To Make Money Using Google In 2020.

AdSense program is an online advertising program that is run by Google. AdSense program works by serving advert on your blog or website and whenever someone visit your blog or website, those advertisements are displayed and if the visitor clicks on those advertisements, you earn $0.35 per-click.

This means that once you have set up your blog or website with Google AdSense program, the flow of revenue is automatic without you doing anything else.

This program is different from the other advertising programs in the sense that adverts are served based on the content of the blog.

So, a blog that contains articles or content on shoes, would display AdSense advert for shoes and other shoe related products.

Google AdSense program benefits all the involved parties. Advertisers get an easy and effective advertising medium.

blogs or websites owners get paid for displaying advert on their blogs and the websites visitors get a richer experience because the advertisement that they see are actually related to their field of interest.

Google AdSense program is really one of the smartest ways of earning money and once you understand it fully, you will find out that using Google AdSense advertising for earning a lot money is not only easy, but also a lot of fun.

Now that you know how Google AdSense program is placed in the world of online advertising, let’s get a bit deeper into the concept of ‘AdSense’ and understand what it is about and how people make money using this concept.

AdSense is a wonderful advertising concept that was conceived by Google some time back. Though new advertising concept keep coming up all the time, this one is altogether different.

AdSense, Google’s advertising program present an earning opportunity to the blogs and websites owners by allowing Google to post advertisement on their blogs or websites.

These advertisement are either text advertisements or image based advertisements.

Of course, the website owners need to enroll to through Google’s AdSense website.

When people visit your blog or website, they will see advertisements floating on your blog or website.

Your earnings are based on how many times visitors to your website or blog actually click on one of those advertisements.

The Google AdSense system calculate your revenue on per-click and per thousand advertisements displayed.

Google AdSense program offers earning opportunity to every blogger and webmaster.

The only thing that you need is a blog or a website. You don’t need to know anything about advertising or advertising media.

Just enroll with the Google AdSense program and Google will take care of designing the Ad’s and serving the relevant advert on your blog or website.

So no special designing skills or coding skills are required for getting enrolled and using Google AdSense program.

When you get enrolled into Google AdSense program, you don’t need to be looking for advertisers, with Google AdSense, you will start earning revenue from the day you join the program. As the traffic to your blog or website increases, so those your revenue.

Google AdSense program will also take the responsibility of tracking the revenue that you earn for serving their adverts on your blog or website.

Google AdSense program has really made it easy to convert a blog or website into revenue earning medium.

Registering on the Google AdSense website is really easy and most people are through with it in 15 minutes.

And once you have a blog and creats Google AdSense account, then you are ready to start earning revenue automatically without really doing anything more.

Google AdSense program also provides you with various reports about your earnings and the performance of your blog.

Google AdSense program uses some certain terms and phrases for relating to various things. Knowing these terms upfront will make it easy and smooth for you to read and understand any AdSense related material.

Here is the list of AdSense related terms that you should know:

Page impression
A page impression is generally the same as a page view , but the number of page impressions can sometimes be different than the page views.

This happens when the page is viewed by a visitor, but the AdSense code is not executed for some reason. Which means that the adverts are not displayed to the visitor.

Advert unit impressions
Whenever you get page impressions, you also have advert unit impressions. However, the advert unit impressions are dependent on number of the advert units you have on your page.

For example: number of adverts unit that get executed when the page loads on user’s browser. Note that the link unit impressions are also counted as advert unit impressions.

A click is recorded whenever a website or blog visitor clicks on one of the AdSense advert. Note that a click on a topic in a link unit is not considered as a click.

Effective CPM
It is calculated as the cost per 1000 impressions. However, do not confuse effective CPM with your earnings. In fact , effective CPM is calculated by dividing your earnings by the number of page impressions and then multiplying the final by 1000.

Effective CPM is generally used to compare various channels to determine which channels are more profitable for you.

Now that you have understand how Google AdSense program works and if you interested in it, then fellow me to be able to see my next post. As I will be teaching how to create a blog in very easy way and also how to open AdSense account.

It will be nice of you to share this post with your friends, so that they will benefit from this opportunity of making money from Google AdSense program. And you know that anything you do with Google is legit. And if you have any questions, drop it on the comments box.
And in the course of this Google AdSense program, I will be teaching you the following:

What makes Google AdSense program so special.

How to set up AdSense account.

What AdSense for search means.

How to make AdSense advent suit your blog.

Top 4 tips for getting the best result from your AdSense advert.

Getting paid through AdSense program.

How to withdraw your earned money.


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