How To Make More Than N200,000 Without Paying ANYTHING On Go GDAX win Review Scam or Legit

How To Make More Than N200,000 Without Paying ANYTHING On Go GDAX win Review Scam or Legit.

GDAX has proven to be one among the simplest earning app of this year. An app that provides N500 per day for all times without paying a dime. However, we recall that the minimum withdrawal is N20,000, which might take about 40days to accumulate.
Gdax win review
And that’s a reasonably while for somebody especially if you’re not patient. So during this post I’ll be supplying you with recommendations on how you’ll increase your earning such you’ll make the minimum withdrawal during a few days or maybe during a day
If you haven’t join GDAX you’re missing out. So if you haven’t join click here Click here to download the app or. here to read the complete article on the way to create your account

Refferal earning
Go GDAX win has blessed its users with an exquisite refferal program. The refferal program gives you a tenth commission on every order that the person you refer(direct refferal) makes.

For example, if you refer a private the person will get free N5000 and for each order he or she makes, you’ll get N50.

To get your refferal link click on team at rock bottom of the app
Also you get V-E Day commission from the order the refferal of your refferal(indirect refferal) make. And also you get 4% commission on each order that from their refferal(3rd layer refferal).

Now let’s assume you’re ready to refer 10 persons(direct refferals) you’ll get N50 × 10 = N500

And if each of your refferal refers 10 folks that are going to be 100 indirect refferals and on each order they create you’ll get N40 * 100 = N4000

And if your indirect referral refer 10 people each which will be 1000 (100 × 10) third layer refferal and on each of the order they create you’ll get N25 ×1000 = N25,000
Now during a day you’ll make N500 + N4,000 + N25,000 = N29,500
And in fact you’re way above the minimum withdrawal, so you’ll withdraw to your checking account .

And this suggests that during a month you’ll make N29,500 × 30 = N885,000
It’s as simple as that. And I’m sure many folks can directly reffer quite 10 people.

And the thing is you’ve got nothing to lose here because you’re not depositing a dime. It’s a win-win situation.
I hope we’ll cash in of this
Here may be a persons earning just from refferal earning during a space of three days

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