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How To Make N20,000 From Google News Weekly Working From Home

How To Make N20,000 From Google News Weekly Working From Home.   Make Money To Google News
How To Make N20,000 From Google News Weekly Working From Home.

Make Money To Google News

The Google Newss one of the best technique available on the Internet by which can earn a lot of money. The one solution to these problem.

Get traffic on website then will earn money from it. If any searching How to get the traffic on website” or “Drive massive traffic to the website”, then Google News is the best solution.

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Make Money from Google News

Earn money to Google News need the website in which have posted articles on a particular niche & topic. That article quality should be good & it should be unique.

As we all know Google News is a trusted platform & they allow only those websites which maintain & don’t harm their product or service. The Google News are provide traffic to website, that is more traffic more income.

Submit Website in Google News
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Go to the Google News Publisher Center

Login with Gmail account

Click to Request for inclusion in the Google News

Enter the details & click on Submit

Then Wait 24hours or more for the status of the website. Google News reply to you about the status of website in the Google News Publisher Center.Alway Remember in Google News Publisher Center only the website will be shown which are verified with Google Webmaster Tool. If don’t know how to get verify website you can search it on Google or YouTube, or just follow the instructions given below.

Step verify the website with Google Webmaster Tool

Visit Google Search Console website

Login with Gmail account

Enter domain address

Choose verification method

The website is verified with Google Webmaster Tool or Google Search Console. It will automatically appear in the Google News Publisher Center. This article I am focus on how to make money from Google news. Google News will act a source to the traffic of website & if you will get traffic from any Google service then it is beneficial for the website.

Specific Guidelines Contents For Google News Approval

General Guidelines

News Content

Journalistic Standards





Include Important Info

Finish Your Posts Completely Before Publishing

Source Labels

Technical Guidelines

1. Article URLs

2. Article Links

3. Article Formatting

4. Robots.txt or MetaTags

5. Multimedia Content

6. Google News Sitemap

7. Standout Tags

Quality Guidelines

Stick to the News

Be User-Friendly

Use Meta Tags Properly


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