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How to make N5,000 from kuda to your local bank account

How to make N5,000 from kuda to your local bank account.   Are you ready to secure the bag by making free #5,000 from kuda
How to make N5,000 from kuda to your local bank account.

Are you ready to secure the bag by making free #5,000 from kuda to your local bank account?

I know everyone wants that, keep reading and you’ll smile to your bank at last.

Hi everyone, it’s been long time we update you guys. I hope you enjoy your day.

I’ve came across an app which pays their user #200 per referral and their limit cash out is #5000 which you can withdraw to your local bank.

As Nigeria today, a lot of bank has opened with different branch because this is where money generated mostly from.

In order to let your business reign today especially Nigeria, you have to invest at the beginning by doing giveaway so that people will catch attention of what your business is all about and it makes it to gain more profit at the end.

There comes an app that promise there users #200 per referral.

Kuda is a newly launched microfinance bank that was launched in Nigeria.

Kuda promises there users that invite there friends or family #200 per referral which you can use to buy airtime or by transferring it to your local bank account with minimum of #5000.

They are very legit and you’ll be given an account number to be using once you opened an account which you can use for transaction all around Nigeria.

They have paid different people including my friend and they’re willing to pay more if you are ready.

Their review is good in playstore and there customer response rate is very good.

I’ve did lots of research about kuda before publishing it so that it won’t affect any of our fans.

And as you know us that we can’t provide what will make your account be at risk not to talk of you personally.

Kuda is legit and everyone has been using it for transaction.

The purpose of there referral system is that, they want to catch attention of more people so as for them to gain more customers than others.

Now that we’ve known much about kuda, let’s see how to make money, but before that… we have to know what requirements needed in order to get started.

Kuda microfinance bank requirements:
1. Email address and phone number
2. BVN (Do not panic, we’ve got you covered)
3. Your personal details
4. #100 to activate your account
Now that we’ve known about this, let’s get started.

How to make #5000 from kuda to your local bank account

Note: I won’t provide screenshot because the app is unable to let someone do that. it’s same as standard chartered app.

1. Download Kuda microfinance app here (make sure you used this link)
2. At the beginning… you’ll be asked to provide referral code, use this code to get more bonus <<< HKYPBACV >>>
3. Other processing are very simple, do that at your end (I’m unable to make screenshot from the app as I said earlier).

Once you’ve finished registered, you have to activate your account with at least #100

How to activate your account with #100 only
1. Click on fund button on the screen or you’ll see Add money button at the top
2. Click to add money by using different method of your choice (either using card or do bank transfer).

(As for me I used transfer because my card can’t be use for online transaction).
3. You’ll be given your personal NUBAN digits to transfer the money into if you choose transfer method.
4. The bank name will be Kuda microfinance bank

Once you are done with activating your kuda account, the next thing is to start making money.

How to make money from kuda app
1. At the home screen check downward… you’ll see More button, click it and you’ll be taken to another page.
2. Scroll down and click on referral button
3. Then you can copy your link and code from there.

That’s it for kuda microfinance bank… Are you lost? Kindly join our telegram channel for more questions and guidelines.

Thanks for taking your time to read this and share it with friends and family.


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