How To Make Over N250,000 On POS Business

How To Make Over N250,000 On POS Business

A Point of Sales (POS) Terminal is a portable machine used to accept bank cards of payments for goods and services. It allows you, as a cardholder, to have real-time online access to funds and information in your bank account through debit or cash cards.

With this POS, you can make over N200,000 monthly. Due to the long queues at the ATM points, people now patronize POS business centers because of the easy access to money and avoidance of standing too long at the ATM. You can commence your own business center and make cool money on daily basis with just N30,000.

How does this work? How do you earn over N250,000 monthly?

1. The first step to start a POS business is getting a POS machine from any Nigerian bank or another online mobile money platform like Opay.

2. Choose a good geographical area. Your location determines your sales. Places close to markets, schools or ATM points are good ideas.

3. You should know that the bank charges 0.5% on any amount you withdraw. But not too worry, it isn’t much compared to what you’ll earn.

4. You will charge your customers costs ranging from N100 – N500 depending on the amount the customer withdraws.

Let’s do a simple analysis:

Let’s assume you complete 30 transactions each of N100 and N200 daily.

N100 * 30 = N3,000

Then N3,000 daily for 30 days.

N3,000 * 30 = N90,000

Also, N200 * 30= N6,000

Then N6,000 daily for 30 days.

N6,000 * 30 = N180,000

The sum of this therefore is;

N90,000 + N180,000 = N270,000 monthly.

Cool cash right.

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