How To Make Quality Cold Pressed Bar Soap From The Comfort Of Your Home With Just Two Ingredients


3 big containers of choice (half drum/full drum may be okay). One of the three is for mixing the components.

One big strong table with wire cutters or knife for bar or tablet.


Hand gloves,


Two strong paddles


The two major things for making bar soap are caustic soda and pko.

 Palm Kernel Oil (PKO)

 Caustic soda (either pearls or flakes)

 Sodium silicate (optional)

 Colorant

 Perfume.


: – The caustic soda for soap making must be soaked overnight with water,

this is called fermentation. The PKO (palm kernel oil) must be in liquid form.

1. After soaking caustic soda overnight, check the acidity of the solution

with your hydrometer. If the solution levels with 1275 of your

hydrometer, it is a normal gauge.The soap produced with this gauge will

not be corrosive to hands or body. If the gauge is below the above number then it is acidic. If it is above 1275 up to 1250 then it is watery and should need more caustic soda pearls or flakes.

2. The normal ration of PKO and caustic soda solution is 2.1 that mean two

buckets of PKO should go for one bucket of soda solution, two cups of PKO to one cup of soda solution etc.

3. Haven measured out the PKO and soda solution in different containers with your small buckets of same size one for soda, one for PKO.

4. Pour the PKO into a bigger container where all components will be mixed together.

Add hardening agent to it and turn very well.

5. And sodium silicate ½ tea cup for 20 litres of PKO.

6. And your desired colorant which might be oil base or water base.

7.add Perfume to the mixture and stir very well with paddle.

8. Pour the mixture into mould already prepared with Nylon and

allow solidifying.

9. after 2-4 hours or the next day, remove the solid soap from mould on to your strong table that has either bar wire cutter or tablet cutter. Cut as desired and stamp.

Allowed the soaps to cure and harden for one month before using this cold press soap.

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