How to make shoe Polish

How to make shoe Polish
How to make shoe Polish.

Polish is mostly used to shine shoes, it makes people look neat and more corporate after being dressed but many people don’t have enough money to buy it, some people have enough money to purchase it but they don’t see the reason to buy and claim they have other things to spend money on.

Here is how to produce it by yourself through easy steps with ingredients you have at home.

Equipments needed
• Pot

• Stove or gas cooker

• Turning stick or wooden spoon

• Candle wax

• Charcoal or battery rod

• Brown paint (in case you need brown colour)

• Kerosene

• Candle wax:

In case you don’t have burnt candle at home, you can buy a new one, 3 to 4 sticks is enough.

• Charcoal or battery rod:

This is used to form black colour, two small pieces of charcoal is enough, if you are planning to use battery rod, 6 rods is ok. You can add more if the colour isn’t dark to your satisfaction.

• Brown paint: this is needed if you want to produce brown shoes polish. It should be added in small quantities, add till you get your desired colour.

• Kerosene:

It’s work is to prevent the candle wax from hardening as it is supposed to, it also allows the colour to dissolve with the mixture. You just need to keep adding it in little quantities until it shows in the mixture.


• Step 1: place the pot on fire

• Step 2: put the candle wax in the pot and let it melt

• Step 3: grind the charcoal or the battery rod. You can pour the brown paint at this point, if u need it

• Step 4: set the pot down from the fire and stir it very well until the charcoal or battery rod dissolves evenly

• Step 5: pour the kerosene in the mixture and stir it very well

• Step 6: pour it into containers, keep it and let it solidify.

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