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I have recently resigned from my place of work, haven't read so much about making money online I took a bold step and decided

I have recently resigned from my place of work, haven’t read so much about making money online I took a bold step and decided to open a genuine opportunity I surf the internet for hours, nairaland forum was not out of my reach during the period.

affiliate marketing caught my attention and while reading is acting trade I came across a comment by ” Nogen” on how she made over 2000 euros in three weeks by marketing for a gold company online.

I got attracted by that comment and did everything possible to see that I reached her.

We finally did meet and learning that she was a working mum of triplets beat my imagination.

how was she able to combine working in a school being a nanny to her triplets and working online at the same time with ease? I set a target for myself and got to work.

To say it was a roller coaster ride would be one fat lie, but hey! It was more than worth it.

I wanted to build a lasting career for myself not a partaker of some Ponzi scheme that would come crumbling.

I began the journey January 22nd 2017 and then March 30th I earned my first 2100 euros.

You see, the same journey that took Nugent 3 ways to accomplish took me over two months but then I will still applaud myself.

if I didn’t open my mind to the opportunity I probably would never have come across such amount in a short period of time.

In this journey, I realised a few thing which is “The reasons why many Nigerians are poor or living below standard”:

Many Nigerian youths are lazy.

They are not interested in building their own dreams.

They lack the passion or drive for success.

They are day dreamers

They live by excuses.

I learnt one major thing:

whether you believe you can or you can’t, you are right!! Be careful of what you choose to believe in!
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