How To Meet Up With Bank Requirements For Pos Machine In Less Than One Week And Start Making Money

Follow these steps to get your pos machine for your business.

1. Visit any Nigeria bank, open a merchant/business account with them.

2. Make sure you are using the account to do transaction on daily basis.

3. The Bank will require a turn over of 1million Naira in 30 days before the POS machine will be given to you.

What do i mean by turn over?

Turn over is the rate by which money is entering in to your bank account, for example: the deposit and withdrawal in your bank account monthly.


If you want to start a POS business in your area to make money. Now, let me show you how to make a turn over of 1million Naira with just N100,000 in less than a week to your POS machine.

Get the sum of #100,000 for the business.

Deposit the money into the account you want to use to collect the POS machine.

Look for at least 5 people from your family and friends that are using different banks Account

1st day, Transfer 100,000 Naira into the account of first person and ask the person to transfer it bank into your account. You have made turn over of #200,000

2nd day, Transfer 100,000 Naira into the account of the second person and let him/her transfer the money back into your account. You have made turn over of #400,000

3rd day, Transfer 100,000 Naira to the third person and ask him/her to transfer the money back into your account, this is turn over of #600,000

4th day, Transfer 100k in to the fourth person’s account and let him/her transfer it back into your bank account, making it turn over of #800,000

5th day, Transfer it to the fifth person’s account and ask the person to transfer it back to your bank account, making it turn over of #1million naira just in five days.

Then go to your bank to fill the POS request form and pos machine will be given to you in one week time.

Please share this information so that other people can be educated too.

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