How To Start Mini Importation Business From China To Nigeria That Will Give You N200,000 Monthly

In this article, you will learn exactly how to start a mini import business from China to Nigeria and the whole A-Z of the whole mini import process.

How To Start Mini Importation Business From China To Nigeria That Will Give You N200,000 Monthly

In this article, you will learn exactly how to start a mini import business from China to Nigeria and the whole A-Z of the whole mini import process.

Let me first make sure that you have taken a brave and wise step in starting a mini-import. Minimum imports are one of the best businesses to start in Nigeria right now.

Whether you started a small business or not, or if you want to buy and sell, the best option is to start with mini-imports. And China is the best country to import them.

Because? Well, I’ll let you know if we go any further.

With the economic realities of our country, starting your own small business is one way to solve the problem of unemployment as a Nigerian.

In this regard, PWC reports that in Nigeria, SMEs contribute 48% of the national GDP, representing 96% of companies and 84% of employment. That’s an amazing statistic, okay, right?

According to a report, SMEs in Nigeria only generated 59.6 million jobs in 2017, with 5% or 2.8 million of these jobs created by small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

These figures indicate that small businesses in Nigeria are on the rise. Due to Nigeria’s growing population, the country’s small businesses will continue to grow.

While many companies in Nigeria are very competitive, the good news is that mini-imports are not yet as saturated as other types of retailers.

In addition, it is very profitable. I know of a neighbor of mine who invested close to N20,000 when the mini-import first started.

He earns over N100,000 and today I can tell you for sure that he is a millionaire.

So if I can import your products directly from China, I can assure you, not many of your competitors can.

At this stage, we pay close attention to the details of how to start mini import companies in Nigeria.

How to start a mini import business from China to Nigeria: what you need

You’ll be surprised that you don’t need that much money to start a mini import.

The processes are also very easy, even anyone can make a mini-entry as long as they can read and write.

Now you will need some items to get started with mini imports from China and almost also from other countries.

Your phone: mobile phone or you can use a laptop.

internet connection

Active email address

Traceable home address

Money: Depending on your budget (even until N10 buys your products)

Open an account and link it to Internet banking

Now that you know what you need to import goods from China to Nigeria, let me show you step by step, the simple mini import process to Nigeria.

Simple step-by-step mini import process from China

If you are wondering what are profitable mini imports to Nigeria? the answer is in capital letters YES. Imports from China to Nigeria are very lucrative.

You can be sure that you will reap great benefits from any product you import from China that you will sell here in Nigeria.

Here are the simple steps you need to take once you are ready to start importing from China.

Do research on fast-moving products

Source of products

Find a reliable provider

Pay the ordered goods

Deliver your products

Market your products

Sales and cash paid

Let’s take a step back.

1. Research fast-moving products

If you want to succeed in the import industry in Nigeria, the first and perhaps most important thing you need is extensive research on the fastest growing products in Nigeria and the area where you will sell the goods.

It is one thing for you to import beautiful and beautiful products from China and no one will ask you how much you sell them.

At the end of the day, you may be frustrated and feel that your residents may be at work. Lol, they are not your villagers, it is your lack of planning.

So, first, what are some of the most popular goods you can import that could be moved.

If you already have a list of fast-moving goods that you will import from China, it’s great.

If not, I have researched some of the fastest products in Nigeria here, and you may only find the products you choose.

2. Source for your products

Once you’ve discovered the fast-selling products you want to import, the next step is to source your products.

Currently, China is the No. 1 producer of the fastest growing products in the world, including Nigeria.

As you know, a larger percentage of the world’s population depends on products made in China. This includes larger economies such as the United States.

According to the standard required by each country, China produces products that meet these specifications. Therefore, it is wrong to think that China produces low-budget or lower products.

Since we are interested in importing from China here, to search for your products, there are some genuine websites based in China and they can get your products.

I would personally recommend these three places where you can import products to China:




There are other reputable sites where you can search for products like,,, and so on.

Visit one of these sites, create your account with them, and be sure to confirm your registration.

The registration process is very easy and you should be able to complete it in a few minutes.

Once you have successfully registered at one of the sites, you will be able to search for products that you can buy and sell in Nigeria and see the fast moving products that you have identified above.

Buy from a reputable source

This is perhaps the most important part of importing from China that you should pay attention to.

Because Nigeria does not insist on certain standards for products imported from China into our country, some sellers may want to take advantage of this to sell low quality products.

Now, you don’t want this to happen to you, because once people buy low quality merchandise for the first time, they may not want to go back and their repeated purchase is necessary.

To avoid this scenario, you should consult the opinions of previous buyers on the sites to see what buyers are saying. If you see the products, you will see the reviews of the products you are going to buy.

You can use the rating rating as an element of protection to protect yourself from buying counterfeit products. From the review of previous buyers, you can always confirm if the supplier keeps its promises.

It usually rates between 0 – 100% and 0 – 5 stars. To make sure you buy from a recommended retailer, make sure you get ratings of 90% and above, and at least four-star reviews.

Be sure to also check the product description and delivery methods. This will help you confirm that the goods have free delivery, as free delivery always requires more time.

Don’t forget to check the warranty of the sellers of the products before shipping them. You will find all this information at the bottom of each page of the product.

4. Pay for the requested goods

It used to be the dreaded part of buying goods abroad as there were no easy forms of payment.

You may also be worried if you want to start early mini-import from Nigeria to China.

Well, things are not as difficult as before. With the master card you can now pay for the goods you bought from China before sending them to Nigeria.

With internet banking services you can make a payment from the comfort of your home in Nigeria anywhere in the world.

Some providers allow you to use Mastercard or Visa card payments, while others allow PayPal. Whatever the means of payment, the payment of the goods you want to import into Nigeria is no longer the science of rockets that it once was.

You may be concerned that your money will hang after you make the payment and may not ship your products. Or they can ship anything other than the order you placed.

Well, that’s no problem.

There is a way in which websites from which you purchased your products protect their customers. Websites guarantee that once the ordered goods are paid for, the money will be kept until it is delivered to you safely.

They do not pay sellers directly until they receive your products as directed. This is called Escrow or Buyer Protection.

Money is only paid once you have confirmed that you received your products while you ordered them.

If the merchandise sent to you is different from the one you ordered, you can fill out the dispute form. You can get your funds as soon as you fill out this form and follow the process.

Undoubtedly, there is a minimum level of risk in mini-imports from China to Nigeria.

5. Get delivery of your products

If you import products from China to Nigeria, there are two ways to deliver products:

Free shipping or free delivery: As the name implies, this is free shipping. But delivery is usually slow.

If you don’t take into account the time it takes, which is between two weeks and six weeks, you can go. This will help you maximize your minimum import profit.

If your customers can wait for your arrival, you may want to opt for this.

The delivery service company may be China Mail Air Post or Hong Kong Mail.

The second type of delivery is Premium delivery, here your delivery is mostly done by well-known logistics brands such as DHL, EMS and FedEx.

While it is nothing more than free delivery, most buyers agree that it is the fastest and safest type of delivery. And guess what? You can get your products 3 to 5 days before the door. It’s not good?

I encourage you to make premium shipments. It is easy to locate and gives you more peace of mind than free delivery.

All you have to do is add the premium shipping cost to the price you will sell the merchandise. Trust me, you will still earn your money.

You can also remove the packaging of the goods if it contributes significantly to the weight of your products, which contributes to your premium shipping costs.

If you are happy with the free delivery, remember to add your phone number so they can send the product to the nearest post office.

6. Market your products

The journey does not stop when you arrive in Lagos or anywhere else in Nigeria, it is just beginning.

Now is the time to market your products and send a message about your products to your target market.

In this age of the internet and social media, marketing has become simple and straightforward.

One way to market your product is through advertising. Facebook is still the best choice for digital marketing.

1.66 million people log on to Facebook on average daily and are considered daily active users (Facebook DAU) by December 2019.

Instagram is another strong social media platform for promoting businesses today. According to one

according to reports, Instagram users will spend an average of 28 minutes a day on the platform by 2020.

Interestingly, 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile every day. According to the same report, 62% of people say they became more interested in a brand or product after seeing it on Stories.

These statistics show that Instagram is a powerful marketing tool in the hands of all mini importers in Nigeria. But the big question is: are you willing to take advantage of it?

Now that you’ve successfully reached your target audience, no matter where they are, you’ll start to see orders for your products.

Still, one thing is important. Be consistent with your marketing. Even if you have hundreds of customers. Marketing is a continuum.

You can decide to sell your products online or rent a store or warehouse from which to sell your products.

No matter what you decide, make sure it’s in your best interest. Most importantly, the service of your customers must be top quality and 100%.

Always be interested in your customers, because this is the lifeblood of your business. Without you being patrolled, there will be no business.

There you go. This is about starting a mini import business in Nigeria.

Feel free to share it with your friends and family, who will find it very helpful. Remember, there is more happiness in giving than receiving, it can be your gift to someone today.

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