How To Trade Bitcoin On Binance Buy/Sell In Nigeria 2021 Using Peer-to-peer (P2P)

How To Trade Bitcoin On Binance BuySell In Nigeria 2021 Using Peer-to-peer (P2P)
How To Trade Bitcoin On Binance Buy/Sell In Nigeria 2021 Using Peer-to-peer (P2P).


Ever since cryptoban in Nigeria that CNB financial institution Nigeria set A-side a rule that any full service bank that acknowledged there any of their customer’s exchange in cryptocurrency trading using their checking account then they ought to lift the ban on such accounts with permanent closure. This makes tons of individuals have some quite difficulties in trading crypto but binance makes things easy for Nigerians which makes us check out the way to trade cryptocurrency on binance in Nigeria using P2P method buy and sell bitcoin & altcoin which is additionally referred to as peer-to-peer. 2021 latest method


Binance is one among the most important and popular safe platforms on which most of the people within the whole world trade cryptocurrency like bitcoin, ethereum, and Altcoin. Incriminate of the usage of the platform to trade cryptocurrency has a rise since the ban of cryptocurrency in Nigeria and one among the favored platforms to prevent offering services to Nigerians too thanks to the cryptoban which is understood as luno.

But Binance doesn’t make people In Nigeria lose hope for they permit anybody in Nigeria to still trade crypto in Nigeria using the tactic to call P2P and it’s been working with bank accounts being ban for such act.


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How To Trade Crypto In Nigeria On Binance
You will got to follow some procedures on the binance platform if possible the binance app before you’ll get to trade your bitcoin and alternative coin altcoin on binance.

Which a part of the thing is to urge a binance app, and register and obtain yourself a binance account.

And the account too must be fully verified with a legitimate ID card issued by the govt agency then you’ll stand an opportunity to trade cryptocurrency on binance in Nigeria using the peer-to-peer method or P2P method issues by using the binance app.
Most people won’t know what peer-to-peer or P2P mean. As we go deeper we get to understand what it’s all about otherwise you go straight to see this text here and obtain some little knowledge about the P2P method before you go further.

As we said earlier you’ll need some stuff before you’ll get yourself to trade crypto using binance in nigeria now 2021 recent method thanks to the cryptocurrency ban in Nigeria.

Let’s get to hold on one among the others by registering that’s getting a binance account followed by the app and obtain the verification done then we dive in to find out the way to trade the cryptocurrency using the present methods.
How To Register to make An Account On Binance
The first thing to place in mind once you want to hitch binance is to urge yourself an account before the other things.
So click here to go straight to the registration page from which you’ll create your account.How To Register to make An Account On Binance
You can use your email or telephone number to make your binance account in Nigeria or anywhere within the whole world.
Let’s assume we are making use of email to make our binance account.
Go ahead and supply your email and password then click on comply with the terms and policy.
And lastly, click on create an account and you’ll be sent a verification email to the mail address you provide on the registration page.
Visit the mail and supply it on the binance registration page to verify your account.
After verification is that the success you’ve got just create a binance account that came with VIP0 that’s it’s not yet verified.how to create binance account
To verify your binance account follow the step below.


How To Verify Your Binance Account In Nigeria
To verify your binance account you’ll need to have a binance app to urge that done.
Now click here to download the binance app straight from the play store it’s available for download for free of charge .
After you’ve got downloaded the app open it and click on on the account section which button is found at the highest left corner of the app.
Then provide the small print you only use to register above which entails email and password.
And log-in you would possibly get the notification to verify that you simply are the person who wants to log-in view your email.
It might request for verification again, plow ahead and verify it and login.
Once you’ve successfully logged in now click on the account section again.
On the account page tap on the verify button which will be found and therefore the top right corner as shown on the screenshot below.How to trade cryptocurrency on binance i nigeria using p2p
Now you’ll be given different sorts of options to verify your account which some enter with a legitimate ID.
And some by providing your personal details, including verification together with your address information.
You can select anybody of the verification methods and obtain verified by binance before ready to “> you’ll be able to trade your cryptocurrency using binance P2P method peer-to-peer that’s currently put aside by binance in order that Nigeria can make use of such method to trade their bitcoin and altcoin.
Once your account is being verified then you’re good to travel . Use the below method to find out how you’ll trade your cryptocurrency using Binance in Nigeria.


How To Trade Bitcoin On Binance In Nigeria And Altcoin (Buy/Sell)
Trading of bitcoin and altcoin in nigeria using binance or on binance doesn’t mean to shop for and sell just for binance support other trading methods which looks almost like forex trading but our main crypto trading method we are that specialize in in binance is the way to buy and sell cryptocurrency on binance using the peer-to-peer method on binance.

Don’t get us rough we’ll just be showing you ways on the way to buy/sell your bitcoin on binance using the safe method introduced by binance to safe your safe from being ban or safe your checking account from being close as other’s by financial institution of Nigeria so follow up using below method.


How To Buy And Sell Bitcoin On Binance In Nigeria Using P2P & Altcoin
Follow the below steps to use P2P method to shop for and sell bitcoin plus altcoin on binance in nigeria.
Once your binance account has been verified on the binance app.
Open the app and switch to the trade section which is found below the app menu bar.How to buy and sell bitcoin on binance i nigeria using p2p
On the page, you’ll find a special quite option and an inventory of spots listed on the page.
Look carefully on the trade page at the highest of the page and appearance for the menu bar named P2P click thereon .
Then you’ll be given an inventory of merchants that are able to buy your bitcoin or alternative coin from you.
You can also find the sell section by clicking thereon and you’ll be given the list of merchants that are able to buy your cryptocurrency.
All Merchant lists are given the quantity of cash they’re going to buy your bitcoin or alternative coin price per dollar and crypto amount followed by the limit they will buy or sell.
You are now the one to scroll and appearance for the one which will suit you and buy the amount of trusts they need gained from the platform.
Then you’ll got to place your other with the quantity of bitcoin or altcoin you would like to shop for or sell from the Merchant listed on the peer-to-peer page.How to trade bitcoin on binance i nigeria using p2p
Once you provide the required info and you’ve placed your order then you’ll be asked to form payment to the Merchant account details provided on the page.
When the merchant verifies your order and payment has been made you’ll receive your bitcoin to your binance wallet which you’ll start trading with.
That’s just it you’ll buy or sell out using the P2P method and you’ll pay direct to the person you’re buying from account otherwise you will just,
Get paid on to your checking account without your bank getting any notice of crypto trading on your checking account . Which is one among the safest methods which will be wont to buy and sell bitcoin in Nigeria and altcoin using binance.
Hope this text is useful and it’s got your problem solved?

State other stuff that you simply will need clarification on using the comment bar and obtain a solution with 24 hrs.


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