How To Use Different Palmpay Accounts In one mobile phone

How To Use Different Palmpay Accounts In one mobile phoneHow To Use Different Palmpay Accounts In one mobile phone.

Today i will be able to show you guys the way to use different Palmpay accounts on your android.

As we all knew Palmpay app developers restricted users from using different accounts on thesame phone.

So i devoted my time trying to find a possible way which will help us bypass or use many accounts on one android device,

so come to conclusion with how to bypass.

But before i’m going to the most point let me talk a touch about what palmpay is all about.

As we all know there are many apps out their that helps users to perform online activies eg Top-up of airtime,

data purchasing, Nepa bill payment, router device payment, etc. So palmpay too performed thesame task as them.

PALMPAY Is an android application that allow user to perform only transaction and lots of more. With help of palmpay u can perform the subsequent tasks.


1. Top-up of airtime
2. Data purchasing
3. Nepa bill payment
4. money transfer. Etc

And the most interesting a part of palmpay is that they provide users a particular bonuses when ever they perform tasks on their app.


This means you’ll get some bonus whenever you top-up your phone with airtime, or fund your palmpay wallet.

And the most boring a part of it’s that users can’t use different palmpay accounts on there phones, but with help of this trick you’ll .

So now let me go direct to the purpose .
1. Changing your device imei
2. Serial number changer (Root)
3. Id number changer (Root)

1). Uninstall Palmpay app from your device

2). Change your phone IMEI. i already discussed on the way to do this here (How to vary Your Android Device IMEI)

3). Download and install Serial Number Changer

4). Open it and provides the basis permission.

5). Tick on randomize for every process then click on apply.


  • 6). Now download and install ID Number changer.


  • 7). Open it and give the root access.


  • 8). Now click on RANDOM ID.

  • 9). Now restart your device
  • 10). Download and install Palmpay application
  • 11). Put the new account detail and login. Congrats.



That is it.

Note: please make sure you backed up your original id and serial number in case if you want change them back.


Palmpay is giving out 2000 naira for each new members you refers to use the palmpay app

The palmpay 2k cash reward plus free airtime


Step 1: open the below link
Step 2: click on *Give a hand*
Step 3: input variety never Registered with palmpay before.
Step4: click on *Submit*
Step5: Down the palmpay app by clicking on *Open palmpay to help* you’ll be taking to Google play store downloads and install the app.
Step6: used an equivalent number you used on the link to Register and choose your four digits pin
Finally login and claims your reward

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