How to use plotagon to make cool movies and earn money with it

How to use plotagon to make cool movies and earn money with it.   Have you been looking for a way to make money by just video animating?
How to use plotagon to make cool movies and earn money with it.

Have you been looking for a way to make money by just video animating?

As the world is advancing day by day activities, the best way people advertise their business today is using video advert to boost their sales.

There are lots of way in which you can advertise your business with only video.

Most people around the world today watch movies especially during this lockdown.

Lots of people have gone into video Services because is very fast to make money from but hard to get started.

One of the best video advert today is TEXT or 3D cartoon video animation Services.

This service is boosting and selling very well on freelancer website like Upwork and Fiverr.

Do you know that in international country, video advert Services is very cost alot and which is why lots of people bump into it.

A single video advert in USA was cost almost $500 just for only 3 minutes. Can you see this is crazy?

Some people relax because they don’t have the right tool to use, some relax because of laziness and some relax because they didn’t know how to use their tools rightly.

Do you know that with only a single app, you can do great but the best thing is to how to use the tool in right way.

As the world is advancing today, you can make money online without using laptop.

Earning with your smartphone is the best and fastest way for people that want to earn online.

This is why we bring this article to our fans about how to make Video animation to boost other people business and earn money on the go.

There are tons of animation app out there which involves PC and some didn’t involve PC but lot’s of stress.

As you know us that our own is to bring what will make things easier for us in all way.

Now out of the apps out there to do 3D animation Services is PLOTAGON.

What is Plotagon?
Due to our research, plotagon was launched in Sweden in the year 2011 and it has been helping people alot because it’s very easy to use.

Plotagon is best Animation app that you can use to animate your story without much stress just by writing your script or by recording using your own voice on your smartphone only without PC.

I think this is cool right?

Is there anything I can know about plotagon?
Yes, there are lots of things behind the scenes.

Plotagon features
a. You can use plotagon to make money
b. It’s also good for story writing
c. Is very easy and fast than any other app
d. Lots of different scenes and items are available to use with there premium plan.

Is Plotagon free to use?
My answer is in two options which are; Yes and No.

Why Yes and No?
The reason is that, plotagon make it freely for people to download there app without paying a dime but with limited features such as scenes, Items and characters.

What will I get in free mode?
a. You can create many characters as you like but with little items

b. Only 7 scenes is available in free mode which is not enough
c. Sounds are included but little except you upgrade to premium.

How much does plotagon cost for premium users?
First, plotagon is available on 3 devices which are: PC, Android and iOS Phone.

So the price varies according to device you are using.

Plotagon has two names for there app which are; Plotagon Studio and Plotagon Story.

Plotagon Studio is only available for PC users with 600+mb to download it and the price is very cost alot per year which is 400+ U.S.A dollars.

You can check there official website for full details.

But for plotagon story which is available for Android users, the price is very affordable with limited access to have premium items.

Back in last 3 or 4 years (can’t remember), plotagon also have an app called Plotagon Education which is designed for students to make story about school stuff but very painful that it was discontinued.

Back in 2019 too, plotagon also have Plotagon Story software for PC which I use to make my first video by advertising my skills as freelancer.

But this one too has also been discontinued that same year.

Why are they doing this?
First, there is no way you are wise enough as a developer, you’ll still see some hackers that can your database and make all that premium stuff to free stuff (can you see this is powerful!)

But do you know that there are some people that didn’t sleep because of this company so that they can spoiled what they have been building since day one in just a single click(What you built for 5 years can be demolished within 5 minutes by some professional hackers).

To cut the story short because we can’t say everything about plotagon (too much discussion).

Now I’ll let you know how to earn money by using this app.

How to make money with plotagon?
a. You can make Video to advertise different lot’s of business companies and for business holders
b. You can start using it to make Video, create YouTube channel and which you can start monetizing after reaching 1k subscribers due to Google policy.

This plotagon have different hidden skills which we can’t revealed everything because it will takes much of our time, we’ll just cut everything short.

How to download plotagon app?
a. Open your playstore and search for plotagon story or use this link to download it incase you are having issue with your playstore app or kindly use Aptoide Apps to make things easier.
b. After installed successfully, no additional settings is required because you downloaded it from the right source
c. Now you can launch and start making videos

Note: As I said earlier, this plotagon is not a day job to learn it even to the extent that is very easy to use.

No one knows it all. Instead of you wasting time to learn everything by yourself, you can just contact people that have basic knowledge of it very well with a token of change.

Well as you can see me, I’ve been making use of it and I’m really enjoying it and that’s why I have to create YouTube channel where I uploaded all the videos made by me (you can check them out).

This plotagon tutorial is around 15k+ because it had been yours once you know it and you’ll surely make tons of money from it.

But do not panic, we’ve surely got you covered.

I’ll try to explain a little about how to make your own movies because I can’t did it all (very stressful but trust me, it worth it).

How to make movies on plotagon app?
a. Once you have downloaded the app and you’ve launch it, you’ll see 3 button at the bottom

and name on top of the app
b. For first time installation,

you’ll see some videos samples that have been made already (just leave it or delete it if you like and start making your own videos).
c. Use this side to create character as shown below ?

d. And this button to make movies of your choice, see screenshot below

e. On the top bar,

there are some items that were listed which you can use to make movies and this each items have there own function.

Can you see what I’m saying now?

Plotagon just needs only a good brain not by stubbornness.

That’s why I said you should seek for professional that will teach you everything from noob to pro.

Well, we hayzweb team has decided to run tutorial for any interested people that want to learn more about this unique app at the rate of #8,000 naira only (#5,000 naira for premium app which you will have access to any items of your choice

and the remaining #3,000 to learn more about plotagon itself.

Note: Not compulsory to go for the two, you can just learn alone and subscribe to plotagon premium features from there main website but it won’t favor you than to just use #8,000 only to buy tools that will fetch you lots of money at the end.

You may think why did I introduce this such ideas?

Do you know that it almost takes me 3 hours before I can make 6 minutes Video which I have to crack my brain to write script of each scenes.

What will you learned from this tutorial at the rate of #8,000 only?
a. As I said earlier, #3,000 naira is for tutoring and #5,000 for premium app.

Remember, this price is for the first five people that want to learn it.

Any Other people that want to learn after this 5 peoples, it will be #7,000 for only tutorial and #8,000 naira for premium plotagon account.

So act fast now if you want to learn more about the app in order to be among of the first 5 peoples.

b. You will also learn how to make 3D logo for any companies. Can you see this is worth it with #8,000 only?

And bear in mind that we can’t do something without using samples. All Video made by me and my team are available.

You can also check out my channel (HayzTV)
But if you have knowledge about it before but needs only premium app, kindly text me up on Whatsapp with my number +2348168671792

Payment method: Bank transfer for Nigerians and Skrill or PayPal for other countries.

What to note again, this app was hacked by hayzweb teams which means you can’t find it anywhere else.

If you think this is a lie, then try it and see. And the reason is that, this app is not easy to crack except by the expert people.

What are the features of the premium Plotagon App?
a. All characters has been unlocked

b. All scenes unlocked

c. All items unlocked successfully without problem and you’ll be able to get auto update

for the app when it’s available.

Which means our hacked app is safe from viruses, no panic because we always got you covered.

Kindly check plotagon website for full features.

You’ll be tutor how to use this app after payment.

Is there anything else you want to know? Kindly send me message on WhatsApp without wasting time.

Thanks you very much for being there all the time. Take care of yourself and Remember to stay safe because we value our fans life.


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