How to use your social media accounts to earn good money 247

How to use your social media accounts to earn good money 247.   Are you kind of person that love trending on social media either by following others pages
How to use your social media accounts to earn good money 247.

Are you kind of person that love trending on social media either by following others pages, liking post, commenting and watching videos but you are not making money.

Stop wasting your data for doing such task if you are not making money along with it. You can now make money using your social media accounts to earn by just performing simple task that you have been doing before. Is that easy?

In this century, everything is now easier than you think, but as everything is easier, you have to open your eyes and watch those that won’t keep wasting your time by lying for you (scammer).

This is the reason why we are here for you people so that you won’t fall into such victim. There are some sites that will be telling you do this and do that to earn money from us, but at the end of the day, they flew away with your hard earned money and which is bad.

This is the reason why we come online so that we can show you people the legit and scamming website by doing though research.

And as far you know hayzweb, we’ll never give or Promote a scamming website, we don’t do that to spoil our reputation. We’ve been trusted by many fans all around the world.

Using your social media accounts to earn money from Viraltrend.

What’s Viraltrend?
Viraltrend is legit website that promise people for them to use there social media accounts to perform small task (either by liking post, following others people pages, Commenting and watching videos on YouTube) so that they can earn, In other not to be wasting there data all the time. Is that easy?

But this website didn’t comes with free, you must subscribe to activate your account with just little token of money.

I know some people heart will have been shaking since I said it involves money. But you people didn’t understand something, but I’ll let you know today.


Some people prefer free things rather than paid task. But what you people don’t understand is that, no matter how something is, you can’t compare free task with paying task.

Infact just let me stop here, this will lead to another article (I’ll post about the comparism later). Let’s focus on why we are here.

As I was saying, using small amount to earn money from viraltrends.

Viraltrends comes in two different plans, which are “basic and premium plan“.


As I always say, I don’t post what’s not legit on site so as to discourage my fans. Anything I post, just take it as confirm and Authentic article. Check the screenshot below to see the payment proof from one of our fans.

Comparism on both plans
There plan is not that stressful, just there referral commission is a bit difference.


You’ll earn 30% commission on each person you referred, and if that same person refer someone too, you’ll earn extra 5% commission.


You’ll earn 50% commission on each person you referred, and if that same person refer someone too, you’ll also earn extra 10%, other commission is still there for you, just check it doing registration.

Now that we’ve known there comparism, let’s see how much you need to get started?
For basic plan is #500, while premium plan is #2500….. But wait, am happy to tell you that they are doing giveaway for new customers.

There giveaway price has started since November 27 and it will end on December 14. Is that not awesome? Yes, it is.

So what’s there new price as from now till December 14?
New customers can now get 50% off on each plan of there choice, it goes thus….
BASIC PLAN: Normal price is #500 but is now #250 only, while
PREMIUM PLAN: Normal price is #2500, but is now #1250.

So if you want to go for any plan, I’ll advice you to go for premium plan because there commission rate is high than basic plan. But you can go for basic if there’s not much for now, though even me I’m using Basic plan but I’ll upgrade later, you too can copy me?

But do you know that this people earn as they invite you to earn too.


When an advertiser tells them to promote there product, they will pay them the amount they bid for, it is through this bid that they share to others that will complete the task (which is “you“).

Now that we’ve known all this, the next step is to begin registration, but before that, let’s quickly discuss about there pros and cons.

# They are legit and pay there customers quickly to there local bank
# You’ll be able to perform many task after registered


There task fee is a bit low on basic plan

Now that we’ve known that too, let’s quickly take a look at there “DO and DON’T” so that you won’t say I didn’t tell you before.


Just perform any task that you are ask to do


1. Don’t try to cheat them: Let’s assume you perform a task now either by liking on Facebook, following on Instagram, tweeting on Twitter or subscribing to there YouTube channel and you later try to unsubscribe from each task, they’ll quickly ban your account because they don’t allow that.

2. Don’t use social media apps to perform task: They don’t allow each media accounts to be using apps to perform given task, what they need is doing everything in one place.


Once you’ve registered, you’ll see option to connect any of your media account that shown on dashboard.

Now that we are done with that, the next thing now is to check what you need to get started.


1. Your subscription fee on plan of your choice (Basic or Premium)
2. Chrome browser (Recommended)
3. Email address (Gmail account)
4. Your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube).

NOTE: Just use any social media accounts that you have, is not compulsory to have them all, and if you have them all, it will just make your earning to be faster than you think. Hope you understand?

Now that we’ve known what you need, let’s get down to business.


Earn more money: How to earn quick cash

a. Login all social media accounts that you have on chrome browser only (Don’t use social media apps)
b. Use the same browser to register


a. Register here using this given link

NOTE: Always use this link if you want to register so that I and you can earn easily and steadily.

b. Fill all the necessary details and continue
c. Then on last page, (where you will add password and other things), after adding the necessary details, now two options is there for you to choose one out of it (either registering as Advertiser or as Promoter)
d. choose “Promote and earn” ( don’t do mistake)

e. Accept there terms and conditions by ticking on the small box, Finally, click register

After that, you will be asked to verify your email address
f. check your mail box and click on Verify

After Verification, you’ll be redirected to your dashboard, but your account has not activated yet, to activate your account

g. Choose your plan

Then you’ll be taken to payment page, they have different kinds of payment method, that’s why I like them.

h. choose your payment method, then wait for maybe 10-20 minutes for them to verify your account and get it activated (mail will be sent)

After registered, you can also check your dashboard menu to complete other profile details.

Now that your account has been fully activated, the next thing is to start earning either by performing task or referring people.


Still blazing: Win upto #23,000 answering survey questions only

The link will be on your dashboard, just copy it and start sharing with others. Or click menu to look for your link if it’s not on dashboard.


After you have passed the threshold, which is #2500 for basic plan (I don’t know the premium plan threshold), the next thing is to withdraw your money.

To withdraw your earning, you need your bank account only because viraltrends is in Nigeria, so you don’t need to stress yourself much. See what Iv’e earned so far;

That’s just it for Viraltrend.

More Article about legit earning website is still coming on the way, stay tuned for more update.

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