“I became a millionaire by doing this business people always reject doing” – a lady narrates her story.

Sometimes all we need in life is the right decision, proper information and then the right application of the acquired knowledge. You are still where you are because you are yet to make that life changing decision based on what you know.

"I became a millionaire by doing this business people always reject doing" - a lady narrates her story.  I want to share with you that great decision of Mrs. Juliet, a step that changed her life totally for good.

“I became a millionaire by doing this business people always reject doing” – a lady narrates her story.

I want to share with you that great decision of Mrs. Juliet, a step that changed her life totally for good.

Juliet had been a woman I know since I was able to reason and understand things. She was someone close to my family, a kind hearted and beautiful young woman. Infact she was an honourable relative. She was my aunt.

After Juliet married, things began to work well for her as she was gradually drawing near to her dreams. Her desired career life was soon becoming a reality as her husband supported her in every possible way.

Just like Okonkwo in the renowned Chinua Achebe’s work, ‘Things fall Apart’, things began to change course, plans began to default and decisions began to flaunt.

It seems as though the gong of misery and pains had sounded for Juliet. She lost everything. Her husband lost his job and therefore the family of five persons were depending on a surviving boutique to sustain their daily expenses.

Sooner than expected Juliet’s husband died as result of uncontrolled high blood pressure. He always think daily on how to give his family a better life again but every thought seems futile. As the breadwinner of the family, anyone who was once in his position and later lost his/her source of income can actually tell the heart attack that comes with it. These things contributed to the death of Juliet’s husband while leaving Juliet and her three kids to survive the trauma.

That was a brief narration of Juliet’s background before she ventured into the business am about to explain.

Due to her inability to renew her rent at her apartment where she live with her children, she relocated to her husband’s village where he had earlier built a house. Her children couldn’t attend schools anymore because there was no money for their tution fees.

Just like every other widow, she began to sought for better ways to survive and fend for her children, hence her boutique is already closed.

To make it brief, she actually tried every possible business within her reach and little support from friends and family relatives yet there will either crumble or not be prosperous at all.

Then she ventured into cassava business not because she wanted it instead she had no better choice or an option to substitute it. It was a hard decision that changed her life totally. By selling foo-foo, Juliet was able to send her children back to school and established herself. She transformed her little business into a multi million food company. After some years I could proudly say that Juliet can feed well as a millionaire even though a single parent.

Starting a cassava business:

Cassava foo-foo or fufu is one of the renowned foods in Africa. It is African’s special cuisine and delicious delicacy with a nice combination of delicious African soups. It is popularly known in Nigeria as akpu and I can bet you that most of the Nigerians population enjoy eating foo-foo with their lovely soups like egusi soup (melon soup), okra soup, ogbono soup and many others to mention but few.

Starting a cassava business is absolutely easy. One of the amazing things about cassava business is that it is a money machine that has no waste product. Every residual, and products from cassava can be processed to one useful goods or another.

Without beating about bush let us see steps to starting your own cassava foo-foo business.

1: The knowledge

You ought to be informed in details the modus operandi for cassava business. You should be able to understand how to process it, maybe cultivate and also harvest. Specifically we are looking at foo-foo, so let’s kick off.

The above image explains some specific process of cassava which can become one product or another. Therefore you ought to know if you want to process the residuals or not.

You should certainly decide either to process the raw material yourself or buy the processed ones. If you want to make the raw materials for foo-foo by yourself then follow the steps below.

steps to processing foo-foo

Ingredients: Cassava

1: Get some cassava tubers and peel them, ensuring the barks are properly removed.

2: After that, cut each tuber into bits or little pieces. You could slice them into 4 or 6 bits depending on the size of the tuber. Cutting it into pieces could be optional because I sometimes don’t do so.

3: Wash the cassava thoroughly and neatly, always change the water whenever it’s dirty. Wash properly to appear white.

4: Soak it in enough water and allow it to ferment for about 3 – 4 or 5 days. Ensure it is well covered. To ensure that the cassava is well fermented, press with it your fingers, if it is soft then you are good to go. Note that not all might be very soft as you might want but if many of them are soft then there is nothing to worry about.

5: Filter properly with seive to extract the cassava paste needed for making foo-foo or akpu as you might call it.

( you ought to remove any fibre you see in the puree. You can do this by either running your hand through the puree and picking out any fibre, or by adding water to the puree then passing it through a strainer. It is most recommendable that you use your hand if you intend on cooking the fufu right Immediately.)

6: Carefully pour out the water to get the paste that must have sank.

7:you should pour the puree into a neat kitchen towel or clean cheese cloth then squeeze properly to remove excess water. Alternatively you can pour in a bag and tie the bag properly to avoid spilling. Then place something heavy on it that can make it drain water fast.

Preparing the foo-foo

One of the satisfaction and happiness of foo-foo is in cooking it in an African way. You will understand when you try it.

1: Pound the processed cassava keenly. But before pounding, mix your paste with little water just as you mix you flour.

Or you can Place it in a pot and gently run your hands through in other eliminate lumps. Add a quarter cup of water and mix to form a paste.

2:Mould the mixed cassava paste and put the mould in a pot of hot water on fire and allow to heat for about some seconds(at least 30 seconds) or a minute.

3: Remove the mould from the pot and pound again.

4: you should remould it, but this time it around should be of a minimal size, so that there won’t be any problem in getting done. Allow to cook for about 9 minutes to 17 minutes, then get it off the fire.

5: Repound to ensure no lump exist, and then mould to your desired shape. Your foo-foo is ready.

Now you have the knowledge, let’s go over to marketing.

2: Marketing your product

You should not just make foo-foo but also market them so you could earn a worthwhile profit from it. In marketing, you should be able to consider locations and customers.

Try to know the kind of people around your marketing location, to consider if they like foo-foo or not. Also distribute to food vendors and restaurants. There are so many market strategies to mention but few.

I will be sharing with you some great secret of marketing foo-foo that could land you your dream luxury and comfortability just like Mrs Juliet narrated above. I will also be sharing with you some amazing machines you could use for more easier and effective production.

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