If You Can’t Answer This 11 N-Power Past Questions, Don’t Waste Your Time Applying

If You Can’t Answer This 11 N-Power Past Questions, Don’t Waste Your Time Applying

Many people have registered the Batch N electrical package in the hope that it will sometimes no longer exist as a capacity test,

So if you thought about it, clean it up in the mine, remind the pogrom that you want to recruit 400,000 and there are 50,000 electronic games that have been given to lawmakers and you have all got the law of the N shape of the terrain and fill it . and assemble it automatically, given the job.

Of the 400,000 who have already received 50,000 job applications and since no one is helping you can get with the SSCE certificate what you thought and also remember that there are some candidates with some degree certificates, some with PHD.

So common sense will tell you that it should be a test of why in this article I return to the previous quick questions that may have a chance to take the test to the next test that could be done next month.

Before you qualify as a beneficiary, you must write the test and get good results.

Here are tips for getting a high level of N power test. Read below to test past questions and their solutions. All applicants must take the test online.

Npower Test

1. What is the smallest fraction of the following?

A. 3/4

B. 6/7

C. 1/2

D. 6/5

ANSWER: c (1/2)

2. How did you take the test? Not so good. I’m much better, but I misunderstood the instructions for writing.

A. It could have been done B. It could have been done C. It should have been done D. It could have been done E. (it could have been done)

3. If tomorrow is Sunday, what was yesterday?

A. Monday

Tuesday B.

C. Friday

D. Saturday.

ANSWER: C (Friday)

My leg.

4. The little dog Choose one:

A. the sting

B. bite

C. bitten

D. bit

ANSWER: D (bit)

5. London is a favorite city of Nigerian tourists and travelers

Choose one: A. United Kingdom B. France

C. America

D. Italy

ANSWER: A (United Kingdom)

6. I regret that we arrived so late; our cars on the road.

Choose one: A. break

B. broke C. breaking D. broken

ANSWER: D (broken down)

7. The door cannot be broken. she

Choose one: A. You just fixed it. B. f | X is. C. is only fixed. D. just fixed it.

ANSWER: D (fixed only)

8. What do the two horses in the Nigerian wing represent?

Choose one: A. Power B. Energy C. Dignity D. Strength

ANSWER: c (dignity)

9. David walked beside us who did not know us!

Choose one:

A. as if

B. and

C. as they were

D. as if

ANSWER: A (as if)

10. I thought you would choose one:

A. would have lunch with us. B. go to lunch with us

C. will have lunch with us.

D. have gone to lunch with us.

ANSWER: A (lunch with us)

11. The constitution of the Nigerian government is mainly based on:

Choose one: A. USA B. UK C. BE D. Holland


My advice to applicants if you want to pass the C series of power N is to go back to your elementary school textbook to learn all of this before the test order.

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