If You Desire To Be Great In Life, Learn From These Three Photos

Dear reader, I am pleased to share these three photos with you because of the great lessons embedded in them.

On seeing this photos I don’t know what first come to your mind but I’ll like to share with you what I think about them.

The first photo to me as you can see from the arrow, is pointing at a man who in the midst of a crowd where everyone is moving in one direction has decided to move in the opposite way.

This explains life that those who always follow the crowd usually get lost in it, many people for the fear of being different or ridiculed would rather chose to go with everyone just so the journey would be merrier.

But you must understand that for the fact that majority of people are doing a thing doesn’t make what they are doing right. You can stand alone and still be right, all you need is courage and boldness to confront your fears and pressures, be ready and courageous to say NO when NO is required and YES when YES is required.

The Bible says broad is the way and wide is the gate that leads to destruction and many go through such path while narrow is the way and tight is the gate that leads to eternal life but only but a few find it.

The big question now is: which path are you on? Any time you see majority of people doing a thing, it’s a sign for you to be cautious because that thing may not be the right thing.

Is you see Vultures gathered in a place, then be rest assured that there’s a dead animal there. What a sign.



Being different means you are unique and outstanding. Those who don’t have the courage to stand alone can’t just help but to mock in a bide to persuade you to be like them, but don’t just lose hope, never give in to their mockery because the same people tomorrow will have no choice but to celebrate you.


We are in an era where every woman wants to fix some kind of attachment in their head because they either want to feel good, expensive or to impress the men. But ladies can I shock you by telling you that majority of the men don’t even bother about all that.

Isn’t this hair above beautiful? Stop seeking for relevance in the wrong place.

Dominic Nwodo

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