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IMPORTANT: Five Sure Ways To Earn Bitcoins

The first part of this article was focused on the fundamentals of Bitcoin transactions, and that also entails the necessary steps to take before you can start trading Bitcoin and making profits.

One of the steps is opening a Bitcoin wallet. I also made mention of the specific wallet I use in my transactions because not all wallets are supported in Nigeria, you can check out my previous post and read-up on that.

Todays lecture will be focused on how to start earning bitcoins either for trading purpose or other purposes. I believe you already have a steady Bitcoin wallet, so let’s go! ?

1. Open A Crypto Interest Account To Earn Free Bitcoins

This is as simple as it seems. There are organizations set up for this main purpose to help you grow and multiply your Bitcoin savings. All you have to do is buy a specific amount of Bitcoin with them (let me say 10$ worth of it), save it with them, and a specific amount of interest will be added on it according to your agreement with them. You can easily redraw your fund to your Bitcoin wallet when the specified duration for saving is over.

2. Start Cypto Mining To Earn Bitcoins

Bitcoin mining is divided into two; one of which you pay for the mining implements and they help you in mining bitcoins at a specific rate on the site, and the other in which you only have to input your Bitcoin wallet address then the rest of the mining is done for free.

In free Bitcoin mining sites, the minimum Bitcoin for withdrawal is 0.005 Bitcoin, which is about 22,000NGN and takes about 4days to mine out. It’s so easy and sweet to see the Bitcoin mining itself but you need to pay a transaction fee of 0.001 Bitcoin as transaction fee before it can be withdrawn.

Some free mining sites include;


– etc.

3. Take Surveys To Earn Free Bitcoins

There are sites which allow you to play lottery, play free rolls, play games, complete tasks or even click links in exchange of Bitcoins. Some survey sites transfer the Bitcoin directly to your wallet, while some wait till it reaches a specific amount before you can withdraw it.

4. VRend is a site that gives you Bitcoin as spillover every 2days, you can also earn more by referring people to the program. One referral can earn you up to 1,200NGN (imagine when you refer 10 people in a day ?). The spillover bonus you get on the account is independent of whether you refer or not (i.e referral is optional.) And the sweet thing about this is that you don’t need a Bitcoin wallet, you can get paid directly to bank account at anytime since the minimum withdrawal is 100 Naira!

Registration for VRend is just N2,500.

You can chat me on WhatsApp through +2348120304226 so I can link you up to a certified coupon agent and get you through registration process so you can start earning. ?

It’s as easy as it seems!

5. You can also earn bitcoins by buying from your wallet or verified vendors thats if you are ready to invest your money into it directly and don’t want to waste time waiting for it to accumulate like the other processes.

I hope you’ve been enlightened a lot about Bitcoin and how to earn it by this article.

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