Important Keys To A Successful Poultry Business

Good day respective farmers, i wish to share these tips from my personal experience, i hope someone benefits from it.

** We spend a lot of money trying to tackle coccidosis which is one of the major challenges encountered in our farms today, to prevent coccidosis, make sure you hang anything heavy over the drinkers to prevent your birds from climbing and contaminating the waters with theirs droppings.

** make sure u vaccinate immediately u notice anything strange, for my layers whether they are sick or not, i administer VIRAMIX once in awhile to

boosts their immune system, its very affordable and active.** try as much as possible to be hygienic, always have a separate footwear for your farm

** Good multivitamin helps too.

Some multivitamin get soar before the next day, always go for a good multivitamin that can last at least 2days to avoid wastage.

**Fowl pox spreads like wild fire, it might be difficult to spot a particular bird suffering from fowl pox in a deep litter system bit its possible, all u need to is stand aside and watch your layers immediately after giving them their feed, if u notice any of them thats is not eating or trying to scramble for food, go straight to that particular bird and examine her.

** Ensure to change their wood shaves immediately you start perceiving any fowl smell.

** Of course you cannot enjoy the money that comes from your farm if you are sick.

Make sure u always wash your hands with any good disinfectants e.g detol or izal after leaving your farm.

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