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Inkreece Born on 03/02/2000 in Makurdi, Inkreece has been drawn to his music since his childhood and was heavily Encourage

However, it was not until the age of 15 that he actually possessed songwriting, singing and rapping skills. thanks to his childhood best friend Terdoo Jeremiah better known as Mahd Jay who is a producer who quickly supported his best friend’s talent after he heard him singing and rapping a couple of times.

Inkreece has been drawn to music since his childhood and was heavily influenced by the sounds of a lot of artists, genres and music.

Encouraged by his supportive producer friend to see a local producer named Bizzouch, the idoma youngster and his team satisfyingly made their way to create a mini studio and a small production team that they agreed to help him record his songs. Although they were ups and downs, they all stood firm on their dreams and kept on putting in work.

Inkreece recorded his first rap song back in school without putting it out, it was only heard by his friends and close ones. After his secondary high school, Inkreece joined a gospel rap music band and he was great.

Inkreece is an origin of Ado LGA in Benue state representing the great family of Otsepa. He attend both primary and secondary school education in Makurdi and also his tertiary education in the Benue State University where he graduated with a degree in mass communication.

Inkreece made his first live performance in Makurdi international secondary school Makurdi in a press day event and he made the crowd go crazy. The love and support he received after that was mind blowing and that gave him more reason to keep scheming and put out more music.

We all know Inkreece’s style of music is “fusion”, unique and interesting this is because when growing up, he listened to alot of music across all genres and this made him sophisticated in the music game and this also gave him the ability to sing and rap. He made magnificent songs like; Losse Guard, Jewish Bag, Geng Up (feat. Exzify) etc.

Inkreece got noticed in his home town makurdi where it is said his fanbase mostly reside. He was then discovered by Pavic and Veedo of the label Afrique Boys Entatainment (ABE). And the label gave Inkreece all the support he needed to get to the spotlight. Inkreece currently resides in an apartment provided by his label in Lagos Nigeria.

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