Inksnation timetable, Payment Date & Verification announced.

Inksnation timetable, Payment Date & VerificationInksnation timetable, Payment Date & Verification announced.

A quick analysis of inksnation’s schedule that just came out after today’s meeting at the overall telegram group;

From Nov., 12th – Dec., 12th,
Verification of members using BVN will start for old and new members.
All funds will drop by your wallet on the 12th of Nov., as was common but exchange will start Dec., 14th.
Dec., 14th – Dec., 20th
Inks market will happen everywhere the 36 states including FCT for 7days.
Exchange are going to be strictly for goods and services

Fintech Upgrade & Microfinance Bank integration will start from Nov., 12th 2020 to March 12th 2021.
All children will wait till we are done upgrades in March 2021, reason is because children don’t possess BVN.
Please if there’s any question, please ask (here within the comment section) let’s affect it together.


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  1. Pls what is the current sitution now wit cBn on crytocurrse throught bank deposit lssues.will inksnation start payment of 1200 and they use of drcb for service.i belive that our drcb should be tranfer as fiat money into bank acct

  2. Pls even if the targeted merchants in LGA has not been met can our spendable pinko in at least be transferred to our bank accounts,because alot of pple,I as one is beginning to doubt inksnation o
    Abeg,make Una help our situation person need morning o.Thanks in advance

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