Inksnation timetable, Payment Date & Verification

inksnationInksnation timetable, Payment Date & Verification.   Inksnation timetable, Payment Date & Verification announced.
Inksnation timetable, Payment Date & Verification.

Inksnation timetable, Payment Date & Verification announced.
A quick analysis of inksnation’s time table that just came out after today’s meeting at the general telegram group;

From Nov., 12th – Dec., 12th,
Verification of members using BVN will start for old and new members.
All funds will drop in your wallet on the 12th of Nov., As usual but exchange will start Dec., 14th.
Dec., 14th – Dec., 20th
Inks market will take place all over the 36 states including FCT for 7days.
Exchange will be strictly for goods and services

Fintech Upgrade & Microfinance Bank integration will start from Nov., 12th 2020 to March 12th 2021.
All children will wait till we are done upgrades in March 2021, reason is because children don’t possess BVN.
Please if there’s any question, please ask (here in the comment section) let’s deal with it together.


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  1. My account has been verified before on the 12th nov which the inknation claimed to start to drop money but unfortunately on that same day i log in i found out that its written not verified user, i think all this are scam, just stop playing people around

  2. I am one of the beneficiary, just this last December but I never been benefiting financially, but sir, the phone number used in registering with the inksnation has lost what should I do

  3. This is somehow,
    How will u use BVN to verify.
    It’s becoming scam like somehow.
    Use any other means for verification not BVN

  4. Pls my dad is very old now n his account is being linked to my BVN from his instructions to the bank, can I use it for my account and his own for the verification?

  5. Sir is this for real and if one insert his bvn you will be verified again with out any fear that our bank accounts will not be hacked. Secondly are you saying one have till December to verified if not there will be no any benefits or risk of not access to the account. Lastly after the market exchange I want to know when customers will start getting paid in their account link to bvn they will verify with.

  6. I registered on the 11/11/2020 immediately I transferred 1k for activation, the website changed!! I began to communicate with them on whatsapp without anyone replying me. My wife later get in touched through telegram to them with every proof and I got activated. I login and saw BVN issue, I inserted my BVN number and paid 200 naira only. It was difficult to get the BVN pop-up away, I sent them series of emails with all proofs of payment both activation and BVN verification. I login again and it was okay but showing unverified account. Please what is the step to get it verified after I inserted BVN number? Kindly reply with guide.

  7. Pls am not verify and my account is not showing kyc on top, and also it not showing the bvn registration what should I do

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