Is Crowd1 business a scam? Answer and Reactions From Members

Crowd1 Is it legit
Is Crowd1 business a scam? Answer and Reactions From Members.

Crowd1 provides no information on their website about who owns or runs the business.
Yes, Crowd1 may be a scam.

It is a scheme , which may be a scam that within the end will only benefit the people at the very top of the entire “pyramid”.

Crowd1’s website domain (“”) was first registered back in 2007. The domain registration was last updated in October 2018.

Stelios Piskopianos of Crowd1 Network Europe Ltd is listed because the owner, through an address in Cyprus.

Cyprus may be a scam-friendly jurisdiction with little to no MLM regulation.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Stelios Piskopianos features a financial services background.
Piskopianos (right) is currently Finance Director of AOS Fluency Limited (“business process outsourcing”) and Northfield Petroleum Limited (private equity investment firm).

Yes, Crowd1 may be a scam.

It is a scheme , which may be a scam that within the end will only benefit the people at the very top of the entire “pyramid”. They take your and your recruited friends’ money and send it aaaall the high to the CEO, who is that the one making all of these billions they keep talking about. That guy doesn’t even want people in Europe to understand that he’s the CEO, since we’ve seen this sort of scam tons here, and recognise is as just that. He literally said that he has never done anything with Crowd1 when he was confronted in an interview. What a bit of shit. Crowd1 pretend love it is liberal to join, on the other hand they’re going to have you ever buy ridiculously overpriced “education” that’s really just copy-pasted from a book that costs one dollar.

Well I cant really say but after browsing tons of research about this company (Crowd1), i’m yet to seek out out if crowd1 may be a scam. With numerous moneymaking platforms online, you’re just alleged to choose the way you would like to earn. However, I don’t think you’ll find much success with it. It’s still an MLM, meaning that 90% of the people fail to form any money from it while doing it. Also watching the worth of the starter a kit, it’s a really dangerous game to play and you’ll contact geldwealthrecovery dot com to urge more information and incase you were scammed.

Crowd1 remains in pre-launch so it are often hard to mention if indeed a scam or legit opportunity is. But that doesn’t mean there are not any red flags concerning this chance . It’s still on pre-launch phase, but some people are already claiming that they need earned money from this chance .

While tons of individuals believe Crowd1 may be a scam, I cease to accept as true with them. That’s my opinion though. i feel the corporate features a business model that’s easy to know . If you undergo their website, they clearly state that they’re not a gaming or gambling company. What they are doing is to partner with digital companies, promote products to their members, and that they get commissions for doing that. to hitch the corporate , you’ve got to shop for an education package that starts at 99 Euros. this is often typical of a networking company. As a networking company that they’re , if you set in effort in introducing new people to the corporate , you get purchased your effort and you stand an opportunity of earning good pay from the commissions earned by the corporate .
Is Crowd1 a “scam”?

I think for those calling and remarking Crowd1 a “scam”, its like.., you telling me which colour underwear I’m wearing without even knowing if I’m wearing it or not.

Bark outside as long as you would like , I’m already aboard and making money. Just, just stay home and stay safe.
No it’s not a scam. They suits all the strict laws of 175 countries. Why would you then still doubt that this is often not legit company? Join, dont be sorry later.


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