Is POS Business Profitable?

Is POS Business Profitable
Is POS Business Profitable?,

People Are chaos already! In saner climes POS is getting used for the only purpose of POINT OF SALE situations and not the way it’s been publicised currently..
It’s very profitable. I mean very profitable. a lover of mine opened a POS cash withdrawal point during a rural community where there is no bank. Before he came to the community, the people always travel long distance to the town just to withdraw but his services eliminated the strain and risk.
His services also saved them money. Today he has 4 different branches and is getting to convert them into a microfinance bank.
The guy is rolling in money but the danger is just too much because he’s always traveling with huge amounts of physical cash and no security.
He has over 10 girls working for him as cashiers, he just sleeps reception and watch credit alert and debit alerts busting into his phone grin

One of his sales girls stole 100k cash from him and it took him 3 weeks to get it, that’s to inform you he has an excessive amount of money grin

He would have arrested her if not that I asked him to forgive her, the girl is just too beautiful to face that sort of public embarrassment but he finally sacked her

If you would like to form good profit just move faraway from the town and open it during a community that has no banking services, pay policemen which will be patrolling the world with their hilux and you’re good to travel . I’m telling you from experience


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