Learn How To Make Buns And Say Bye Bye To Poverty

Have you been thinking of what to do to say bye bye to poverty? One of the things you can do is buns making. Nigerians love eating buns and it does not require huge capital to start.

Have you been thinking of what to do to say bye bye to poverty? One of the things you can do is buns making. Nigerians love eating buns and it does not require huge capital to start.

The reason why some people are poor is because of ego, they will say I can’t do this work because it doesn’t fit my status. Let me tell you. Nobody will value you if you are poor. A buns seller with a car and a house will command more respect than a person with Master Degree doing nothing, roaming about with no job.

So be smart.

Let’s see what you will need to start making buns.

A bun is small roll, like a burger bun. It can be flavoured or filled with some other ingredients depending on style, including spices and dried fruits. There are various types of buns, such as Nigerian buns, Bath buns, Chelsea buns, sweet bread buns, currant buns (like hot cross buns, saffron buns, London buns, and Colston buns.

Steps to Make Nigerian Buns: Ingredients and Instructions

Nigerian buns are harder and less oily in comparison with the Nigerian Puff Puff. Some buns of this type are so hard, which is why they’re called rock buns. To make Nigerian buns, you will need plain flour (which is also referred to as all-purpose flour), evaporated milk or powdered milk, baking powder, salt, granulated sugar, warm water, nutmeg, and vegetable oil.

More specifically, the following ingredients will be enough to make 7 buns balls:

-150 grams (or 5.3 oz) of plain flour

-2 tablespoons (tbsp.) of evaporated milk (such as Peak Milk) or 1 tbsp. of powdered milk

-½ teaspoon of baking powder

-¼ teaspoon of salt

-1 tbsp. of granulated sugar

-¼ teaspoon of nutmeg (to create the authentic taste)

-Vegetable Oil (this will be used for frying)

-Warm water (this ingredient will be used for mixing)

Here are the instructions to make buns with these ingredients: 

1. Put the necessary amount of oil in a deep pan or pot and heat up the oil just before you begin the preparation for the batter.

2. Sift the flour, baking powder, sugar & salt together in a bowl.

3. Then, pour in around ¼th cup of water at a time and mix lightly each time till you can see the consistency of the batter is similar to thick muffin batter. You could need more or less than 1 or 1 ½ cups of water depending on the flour. You have to be careful so you don’t over-mix since this could make your buns hard.

4. The oil temperature should be around 350–355ºF (about 176–1790C), and the vegetable oil should be on medium heat before the frying starts.

5. You can make use of an ice cream scoop — or your hands if possible — for dropping the batter into the hot oil without getting the deep pan overcrowded.

6. As soon as you notice that one side of the buns is lightly browned, turn & keep fry till your buns are done. Do note that the whole frying process for each batch will last around 5 min.

7. Try to be careful not to fry your buns in oil, which is too hot as this will make the outside of the buns brown and keep the inside raw. If you notice your oil has become too hot in the middle of frying, you can add room temperature oil (just a little bit) to the hot oil. This will help lower the temperature.

It is best to serve your Nigerian buns warm.

Please note: Let the buns mixture rest for around 10 min before you start frying as this will enable the gluten in the flour to relax before the frying begins.

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