Learn How To Make Money By Investing Into This Simple Business

Semolina Business

This is funny right? Yes. Money making is an adventure. Semolina is a powdered food made of wheat durum flour. Semolina is not only consumed by swallowing with soup. But can be consumed continentally in various ways.

How to Make Money Through Semolina Business:

You can make money through semolina business, by having a semolina pancake joint. Just like, you have an indomie fast food joint. You can also have a semolina pancake joint. Where you can prepare various types of pancakes for your client. My dear reader! If you have money, Invest into this business and thank me later. I can assure you, that i have never seen a pancake eatery, fast food joint or even a semolina fast food joint before, in my entire life. This article is based on my personal idea and am rest assured of success. Our country is where so many business ideas can thrive, if you have finance and a good location for your business. Your semolina pancake joint will require tables and chair for your customers, vegetable oil, crates of eggs, fresh vegetables(carrots, green peas, green beans, cabbage, spring onions) fresh tomatoes, fresh pepper, minced meat e.t.c. You will also require minerals, drinking water, gas or stove. The you will also need an eye catching name for your business such as: Hot Semolina Pancake Spot, Semolina Pancake Bites, Semolina Pancake Joint e.t.c.

Justification of The Business:

I have never seen anyone who is into this business, and so this buisness will be patronized by many in market places, streets or wherever it may be sited. Another justification of why this business should be considered is that, Semolina pancakes is just similar to pizzas. Pizza is more expensive but people will rather patronize semolina pancake instead of pizza hence, it’s cheap. People will love this because, it is quick to prepare and very delicious too. The business is very profitable because the semolina rises very much with little quantity.

Types of Semolina Pancake You Can Prepare For Your Customers:

Ordinary Semolina Pancake

Ingredients: Half milk cup of semolina flour, vegetable oil, salt, sugar and water.

Preparation: Mix water into the semolina flour to form a paste, add salt and sugar to taste. Mix very well and fry. It does not require much oil to fry. Just few spoons of oil will do.

Ginger and Garlic Semolina Pancake:

Ingredients: half milk cup of flour, ginger, garlic, water, salt, sugar and vegetable oil.

Procedure: Mix water with the semolina flour, add your ginger, garlic all grinded into the mixture. Add salt and sugar into it, as you mix into a paste. Then fry.

Vegetable Semolina Pancake

Ingredients: green beans, fresh pepper, half milk tin of semolina, spring onions, salt, sugar and vegetable oil.

Procedure: add salt and sugar to taste into the semolina, mix water, slice spring onions, green beans, fresh pepper. Mix well and fry.

Tomatoes Egged Semolina Pancake

Ingredients: Half milk tin semolina flour, sliced tomatoes, onions, spring onions, fresh pepper, salt, sugar, egg and vegetable oil.

Procedure: Mix salt and sugar to taste into the semolina flour, add water and sliced fresh pepper, add onions, fresh tomatoes, spring onions and beaten egg into the mixture. Mix well and fry.

There are more recipes of various types of semolina pancakes which can be enjoyed with a chiled bottle of water or mineral.

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