Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria.

Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria.
Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria.

The Internet is a vast space teeming with multiple money-making opportunities that any determined individual can tap into. It’ll take a good amount of motivation and work to earn an income even if it’s online, that I can tell you. Making money online almost seems like an impossible dream right?…. Wrong again! Like I said earlier if you’re determined enough and you have the right amount of motivation you should succeed

Start a YouTube channel

YouTube is the largest video platform in the entire world and is the second-largest search engine in the world outranked by Google. With billions of views worldwide it’s a massive platform with a huge reach if you’re creative enough to make videos that can captivate large audiences you can make money from this platform, although I should mention that YouTube has raised it’s standard for monetizing videos on its platforms. In the not too distant past, creators could easily monetize their videos through Adsense and get paid with each view for the ad seen, now it’s a different ball game, to benefit from YouTube ads you need to qualify for their YouTube partnership program (YPP).

Start a blog

Starting a blog is one of the many practical ways of making money online. It’s not at the top of my list because I think it’s by far the best way to earn cash online, but, because I’ve come to find that it’s one the most practical and approachable ways of earning money online, anyone with a reasonable level of understanding can blog, plus they’re a lot of revenue sources to tap from like Adsense monetization or product sales through e-commerce. If you have a passion for writing that also helps too and if you’re wondering what a niche is, it simply means your area of focus, find something that you’re confidently knowledgeable about or something you just love, it could be something within the entertainment world, sports, music, beauty, health.

Publish an Ebook

Yes, it’s a book, just not in hard print. You can invest some good time honing your writing skills and create a book that teaches people how to prepare a special homemade recipe or maybe you could get even more professional and write about your success in a particular career or endeavor. Perhaps the fictive category is more of your thing, why don’t you just delve into that mind of yours and create a really captivating and engaging story. It might take some time especially if you’re trying to develop such a book from scratch, but the efforts will be worth it in the end. You can publish, promote, and sell your ebooks on the Amazon marketplace, on Fiverr, or even Google Play. On the plus side, you don’t need to have any mad coding skills to do this.

Become an online tutor

So perhaps you’re knowledgeable or skilled in a particular area, you can offer to teach others what you know, you can host exclusive webinars and put a price on the attendance. Owing to this worldwide pandemic, there are more people looking to learn online, more university students trying to make up for lost time, or just a foreigner trying to learn the English Language. You can leverage on this rising demand for online education and become a virtual tutor. You can utilize large tutoring marketplaces like Tuteria, tutors.ng, or prep class, or you could just go solo and engage your online students through powerful Conference meeting applications like Zoom or Duo. Maybe you’d like to really capitalize on this and appear more professional, try creating a public profile on LinkedIn and maximize your reach.

Start an eCommerce business

You could list your products on large online stores like Jumia and Konga, both these stores are wildly successful in Africa and you could leverage on their massive outreach and give your products the exposure they need, plus they’re the safest and most trusted online stores, not to mention they have a bunch of opportunities and bonuses you can jump on as long as you’ve got an original product to sell you should be fine.

Or if you not crazy about this idea you could try creating your own e-commerce store and taking complete control of the business and post all kinds of products you have for sale. Your choice really.

Create an app

I know, this might require a good degree of technical ability and skill, it would be a rather lengthy undertaking if you don’t have them but it’s worth considering, especially when you’re thinking about the passive income opportunities that you can exploit. If you can create a useful app say a smartphone app that can cater to people’s needs, you could reach a massive audience and in turn, start creating premium services that your users will pay for, you could even take advantage of the paid ads for income too.

However, like anything else worthwhile apps require a significant investment of time and money especially good ones. If you lack the technical skills then you’ll need to hire the services of someone who can help with creating a great app. Of course, before any of this, you’ll need to have an idea that’ll sell and reach out, plus you’ll also need to do some more research as well.


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