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Make $30 Every One Hour With Your Mobile Phone Using These Apps (Photos)

Make $30 Every One Hour With Your Mobile Phone Using These Apps (Photos)

I’m going to show you how to make money in US dollars only by doing a simple thing in this article. There are no expertise, no required experience and, above all, no initial capital is needed. All you need is your telephone and internet connection.

Before I dive into it, before registering for the apps, there is something you must do. You have to have an online account to pay your income. These are all applications that pay to the PayPal account. You ‘re good to go when you have already a PayPal account. Please create PayPal account (registration is free if you don’t).

Make sure your personal e-mail is registered, as that is your payment account. This e-mail is your account.

Now let’s start taking them one after another.

1. Userfeel



To register please visit The app allows two users; you need one who wishes to test your app and another who wants to test it.

2. Userlytics

This is the second site/app we will talk about

3. TestMyUI

4. UserTesting

5. Toluna

For all of the websites above all, all you need is a tester, a small task and a $10 profit in 20 minutes.

Depending on the type of task and the company you are testing, some of these sites often pay $60 for each test. For instance, eBay, amazon and likes pay better for the app Usertesting.

Toluna is a market research software that concentrates on survey for the fifth year. On this website you can do lots more to earn money. Just visit and learn more about how to make money.

Many other devices are located in the United States, meaning you will be living in America for their use.

By using VPN, you can use it wherever. In my next article, I’ll show you how.

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