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Make money by selling anything without a shop and without stress

Make money by selling anything without a shop and without stress.  Do you know you can make money by selling anything from the comfort of your home without paying
Make money by selling anything without a shop and without stress.

Do you know you can make money by selling anything from the comfort of your home without paying for a shop? I guess you knew but I am sure you never knew it is a easy as I am about to show it to you in this article.

In this article I want to simplify how you can start selling goods and services with just your phone and internet right from the comfort of your bedroom.

If you note, I didn’t say “your” goods and service and it was intentional. Because whether you have your own goods or not, you definitely make money if you follow this simple steps in this article.

Before I forget let me remind you, that one of the fundamental differences between the rich and the poor is “information” and “action”.

The rich have access to vital information and then they take the required actions. I am asserting this because this article will be of no benefit to your prosperity if you don’t take the required actions.

I am not sweating on this article only because I want you to read something from me but also because I am living testimony of what I’m about to show you.

To cite an instance, some weeks back, I placed a gas cylinder on sale through one of the platforms I will be introducing to you shortly.

Do you know I got several serious buyers who were willing to buy just that one cylinder? I am sure of this, if you follow through the steps in this article your financial life will experience an upgrade.

Lastly before I go into the main business, I need to inform you that most of the platforms I will be sharing with you, are not new to you. You only probably don’t know how to use them.

Jiji is basically an online market, where you can either buy or sell. Do jiji it’s not the finest, it is one of the easiest and extensive marketing platforms. On jiji, you can sell basically anything free of charge.

How do I start selling on jiji? Simple, all you need do is to visit or preferably download the jiji app. Then create your own profile by signing up. You will need a Gmail account to signup. The process is completely easy and fast.

Once you are done signing up, click on the sell option which is visible on their homepage. That will lead you to a new page where you will be required to fill in the description of what you wish to sell including the price and photos of the product. It is advisable you upload multiple photos.

After completing the process, the final thing is to click on post ads. That’s all, your product will be visible to anyone that visit jiji just ensure you sign in regularly to check your inbox because that is where interested buyers always drop their messages.

Note: jiji is just like a market, they don’t control or guarantee the quality of products, sellers, or buyers, they simply connect buyers and sellers. As a seller, you are the one to make all the necessary negotiations and also deliver the product.

Jumia and Conga

Though it is a little bit more complex to register as a seller on these two platforms, they are however, the most legit online market in Nigeria.

Unlike jiji, jumia and conga do the handling of everything for you and that includes the delivery of the product. They basically help you to sell your product.

While dealing with either of the two platforms, you must be very legit because they don’t joke with their buyers. To be a seller on either Jumia or conga all you need to do is visit their seller page.

Just google jumia seller page and you will see the page. Open the page and fill the registration form. Please ensure you fill the form carefully and correctly.

Another platform you can use to sell your product is Facebook. This one is very easy. You can just upload the photos of your product and post or you can create a page specially for marketing your products.

What if I don’t have my own product to sell? If you are in this category you can still make money by marketing products that are not directly your own. This process is what is known as affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is basically selling another person’s product on commission. There are so many people and sites who are looking for affiliate marketers.

Google will give you several of them. If you need any further information please drop a comment below. Please don’t hesitate to click the like button and also share this post with others


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