Meet The 8th Club That Will Reach 1000 Games In The Premier League Next Season

Meet The 8th Club That Will Reach 1000 Games In The Premier League Next Season

Playing one thousand (1000) or more games in the Premier league is never an easy feat as it requires a certain level of consistency in the top flight.

In the past 29 Premier League seasons, only seven clubs have been able to play at least 1000 times in the competition.

These clubs are;

1- Manchester United (1114 Games)

2- Chelsea (1114 Games)

3- Arsenal (1114 Games)

4- Tottenham Hotspurs (1114 Games)

5- Liverpool (1114 Games)

6- Everton (1114 Games)

7- Aston Villa (1000 Games)

However, with the 2021-22 season just a matter of days away, another club is set to attain that feat with the aforementioned teams.

Take a look;

Newcastle United (996 Games)
The Magpies have been playing top flight football for 26 seasons and have so far managed to score nine hundred and ninety six (996) Premier League games.

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They finished 12th last campaign and this means they are set to play their 27th season so far in the top flight.

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However, seeing that each team will have to play 38 matches, by the time the 2021-22 season comes to an end, Newcastle United will have played 1034 games.

It goes without saying that inspite of their long stay in the league since 1992, they have never won the title.

Let’s see how far they can go next season.

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