Modern Money Making Solutions

Modern Money Making Solutions.

Social media can serve as your source of income, most people take advantage of the audience on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and lots more.

Regardless of where you live, as long as you have an internet connection, you can generally make money daily.

Below are some modern money making solutions

1. Repair Service

Everybody has a lot of “stuff” and that stuff often needs fixing. Refrigerators, dishwashers, dryers, cell phones, cars, computers, you name it. If it costs more to replace than to repair once or twice—and you can fix it—you have a winning business. Run your business from your home or make yourself more valuable by going to the customer. Salary varies widely based on the type of item being repaired. Many places in the US Northeast $75 an hour or more and charge a minimum fee of $75 to show up at a customer’s home or business.

2. Freelance Writer

The Internet is in constant need of content and that’s why freelance writers are often in high demand. According to figures published by Zip Recruiter, freelance writers make between $26,000 and $75,000 a year. The national average income works out to $63,213.

3. Website Designer

Everybody wants a website but many don’t know how to make it happen. If you have skills in graphic design and basic programming, starting a web design company could be well advised. notes that web designers charge between $50 and $80 an hour. the web Start with small businesses that you can service on your own. As you get larger and hire people to work for you, go after the larger clients. (Learn more: How to Start a Web Design Business) How much money you’ll be able to make a year will depend on your skills, the ability to sell your services, the size of your clients and your location. If your skill level is high and you can bring in a lot of business, your earnings can be significant. If you’re working alone, your earnings will be limited by your time as well as your skillset.

4. Bookkeeper

A well-trained VA can take on entry-level bookkeeping tasks but small business owners may not want to worry about the accounting side of their business. Home-based bookkeepers service smaller clients that don’t require a large accounting staff. Depending on whose figures you look at, the hourly fee freelance bookkeepers charge ranges from $18 to $50 or more. The higher rates would go to those who perform more than entry-level bookkeeping.

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