Money Has No Spirit, self Discipline is the bedrock to contentment

Money Has No Spirit, self Discipline is the bedrock to contentment

There’s a believe that money has some spirits attached to it, money is insatiable which makes everybody wanting to have more money.

Take a look at those billionaires and millionaires we admire and look up to. We may be deceiving ourselves that we will be happy and be contented when we have the kind of money and wealth they have.

But the truth is that we won’t be satisfied if by miracle or by divine opportunity we acquire such money, we will still want more because our needs, problems and thinking will immediately increase in proportion to our net worth. 

Some people remain poor because they spend money simply because they have money at that particular time, not because they have needs. Spending money because you have it is a recipe for poverty.

One of the common problem of this days is not getting rich, but staying and sustaining the rich attitude.

Let me give a little advice, Keep your money invested, so it is not so easy to touch it when minor problems that can be managed arise. That way you will only touch it when you really need it.

Going back to the believe if truly there’s a spirit associated with money, many will agree that there are spirits attached, some will argue and tag such believes as superstitious.

Personally, I don’t believe there’s any fetish power associated with money. Everything starts and ends with discipline.

A Disciplined person can manage and be happy with the little he or she has. In fact discipline is the bedrock to contentment and happy life.

Dominic Nwodo

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